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> Lionchu Or Ranchu, Lionchu or Ranchu
post Mon, 03 Jan 2005 11:53 pm
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Is this a lionchu or ranchu? Feel free to comment on the fish.

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The Matrix
post Thu, 06 Jan 2005 11:40 am
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The Matrix
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I guess many people make the same mistake of naming anything with an overly grown head and a curve back as a ranchu. Not wrong also.

Ranchu has already break up into various form and in fact, hobbyists start to break them into countries - Chinese, Thai, Japan and even UK.

Just remember 1 thing, all classifications comes under the Chinese way.

Lion-head refers to head of a Wen-yu. Eg, Oranda
Tiger-head refers to head growth of a Dan-zhong. Eg, lionhead, ranchu
High-head refers to hood growth of a Wen-Yu, Eg, crown pearl, red-cap oranda
Flat-head refers to head of any varieties without muscle growth. Eg, Ryukin, Comet

It's the confusion when translate to English and cause a lot of problems to many.

Since Dan-Zhong already so confusing, better not touch the more complex Wen-Zhong.

Dan-Zhong simply fish without dosal. Eg, Ranchu, Lionhead, Celestial, Bubble-eyes, Pompon, Dragon-eye Egg fish ... even dosal-less pearlscale also in Dan-Zhong category.

The confusing part is Ranchu and Lionhead. Got to go back to history of some a thousands years ago. hahahaha ... who the hell give the name Ranchu. hahahaha.

Go lunch then see what I can come out with ... or someone try to make a more detail description between the 2.
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