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> Lionchu Or Ranchu, Lionchu or Ranchu
post Mon, 03 Jan 2005 11:53 pm
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Is this a lionchu or ranchu? Feel free to comment on the fish.

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The Matrix
post Thu, 06 Jan 2005 6:04 pm
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The Matrix
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Lionhead enter as Ranchu in competition har .... if the judge is really expert hor, then dun even need to judge. Immediate disqualify. Submitting of entry is the responsibility of the owner, not the organiser. At least yet to see someone enter ryukin under oranda ... kekekekeke, try think about Dragon Eyes Pearlscale, should it be in Dragon eyes or Pearlscale ? hahahahaha

Other than the head growth, the main different is the body structure.

But now, simply too much inbreeding and crossing that the head of a ranchu lost the firmness of the original one. More of a mix of lionhead hood in a ranchu.

Not all lionhead is straight back hor. Some does have that, very very close, curve of the ranchu back. So the major different between a ranchu and a lionhead become very "rojak", genetic scrambling.

Simply term the cross breed of a ranchu with big overly soft growth hood as lion-chu. A Ranchu will be those with 2 distinctive cheeks and a solid firm hood and of course the usual nice body curvature. Simply why noone actually ask, why the Chinese term it as Tiger head ? Think and you will get the answer.

Have fun ! Shopping time !
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