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> I Feel Bad For My Fish...
post Wed, 18 Jan 2006 3:03 pm
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ohmy.gif ...

rusure.gif Here's the story..okay i went to store cause i wanted to buy a ick,parasite med and i was thinking maybe i should buy me myself a beautiful butterfly koi for my ogon silver koi a matey friend...dude,it looked so special to me..the nostril was red-orange,his head was a mixy color..looks like brownish,redish,kinda orange too with it...skin was white....until the time i decided to put her into the "tank" unsure.gif i was still unsure because my ogon koi was chased.....by my blood red parrots.....man,they can be sweet,joyful fish,but!!they can seriously bug the hell out of a different fish cause i think they might think it's "food"..but technecally,i dont hate theses fish... blush.gif cause since i notice they loooove eating everytime they go near the tank,they would come near...2ndly,sigh...i have silver dollars...okay 4 half baby and half small parrots and 4 half small and half medium sized silver dollars ok,basically they look babyish kinda and ...theses silver dollars doesnt get any bigger at all...they look more gentle white-skined..no big black spots....so yeah,my ogon koi is fine now...the blood parrot eventually gave up chasing him and everything became so fine..they made friends kinda..my ogon still avoids them though...So yeah,i put my butterfly koi onto the top;so the water from the plastic bag would increase to the same degree as the tank...then i saw the water was kind of dirty in the plastic bag...so i just had an idea...which was not too bad but made her gasp...><i used the sink pulled up the drainage hole to cover,poured the plastic bag and her...after that,i used a little jar and scooped the water from the tank...i grabbed her and put her into the jar,poured her down to the tank...she was kinda exhasted..gasping and stuff....and so the blood parrots started chasing her...she still had energy in her but...she would get bit alot..and i always thought my one koi i had would make them realized too it's a waste of time trying to chase a koifish family..but i guessed wrong..i also thought maybe after,the blood parrots would give up after a quite long while...and so the chase goes on... sad.gif she was gasping and gasping...they parrots kept nibbing at her simply getting her red sores....im like...great...it was my fault i made her tired a alot....and she was kinda of wounded,gasping...my ogon silver baby koi was terrified a little..hiding under the bridge...because he probably remembered this moment that happened to him too...but he was quick enough...then,i had no choice..i caught her and put her into a bowl so she can rest...and so yes,she was recovered from gasping..and so i thought maybe she can teach them a lesson or two that they cant catch her...so yeah,i put her back in,she got bit again and again but she was quick enough to avoid alot though...then came one silver dollar....he was like "eh,what are they biting ANYWAYS??so he came and look,"oooh look!long fins!wheeeeE!"*bite,TEAR,bite,TEAR,nibble wibble,nibble wibble*i was so frustrated...i took her out..her fins were wounded pretty bad...i still have some of my meds to cure damaged fins...but could take up WEEKS..oh yeah,few of her scales got sucked out and eaten too....i felt so badd!i thought they all would evenually get along like my baby ogon koi...but then i realized...it was her long fins and tail that was making her a lovely target.....sigh,so she's in my jar now...all lonely...she was 5 dollars i bought....she was special..i couldnt have just leave her there even....i never wanted my just-bought beautiful special koi dead....sigh,so she's in my jar..eh,i mean glass bowl............what the heck should i do???>_<do you think she'll get sick??cause i remembered everytime i buy goldfish and i put them in a bowl,they die!yeah,cause of the sickness stuff....and im thinking of building my own pond in my new house in the future but GAH!thats just thinking way too far ahead!and plus if she lives,she'll overgrow teh glass bowl~~~~..bah i feel so woozed up and messy.... hmm.gif i even feel bad i thought maybe it couldve worked like magic...my dad had a 60 gallon tank but......filled with blood red parrots too..he has 3 kois...and they arent butterflies...they were regular...1 was metallic orange...2 looked kinda like original adult goldfish they all got along and...1 silver dollar..i had him a few years already...his fins are very little damaged along the way but he's fine...he's very shy...unlike my silver dollars on my tank!they are happy just like my parrots!...also one pacu i think...or couldve been a hook silver dollar...sigh*drops head down*...why did it had to come to this...and so she's in my glass jar right now...... sad.gif if she dies,i dont know if i can even get over it....-5 dollars...There you have it,the little bad story...geez,i thought blood parrots were gentle and fun....not to mention...their man-made fish.....but so what the heck..i dont hate them or anything ><!i always liked them when i was a kid used to put my finger in there n let'um suck for fun! biggrin.gif ...i dont know ever when i will dislike them....but they sure got my heart cracked a little of what they did...to my poor butterfly koi... rusure.gif
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post Thu, 19 Jan 2006 5:39 pm
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i love to torture my kois, i turn their water purple, then pink, then brown, then freak them out when suddenely the water is so clear, they feel like they are swimming in the air. after which, they r so freaked, they dart around when they see shadows, must be too stressed. buried a black koi recently, and added a new one, hope the rest don't miss him. but i love my kois too, so i only keep parrot fishes whose tails have been snipped off.. aint i evil? as for koi vs goldfish? well, i had one pearlscale who got descaled by a koi. i tortured that koi and dug out one of his eye, and he left the pearlie alone after that, but hes still as greedy.. sadly one eye jack eye has gone to koi hell ever since. oh, another thing that i like to subject my kois to are salt water baths, its fun to see them jumping like flying fishes.. flying fishes are nice too.. but too much of a hassle to keep them i feel.. hmm.. biggrin.gif
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