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> Pictures Of Your Tanks 2
post Sat, 23 Apr 2005 11:05 am
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Splitted from Pictures Of Your Tanks

My tank at home...

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post Tue, 03 May 2005 11:38 pm
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dear sifus,
thank you for your kind comments.

yes... my tub is at the backyard of my house (south face north). so, direct sunlight in the morning from east but shaded in the afternoon due to a bamboo curtain that I setup above the tank, I don't want to cook my goldfishes... but surprisingly, the water temperature always feel cool.... at least compared to my tap water... ok... thermometer on the shopping list..

1. ok then. 2' depth tank confirmed. water bill is still affordable in KL rolleyes.gif

2. but, will chiller help to improve the colour of goldfish? or at least maintain it in the house where no direct sunlight? sad.gif

also, I think I am keeping SV ranchus... actually not very sure.. did follow the guideline posted in some articles here... should be SV. It is actually imported from China... TongGoon, GuangChou. just love the way it swims....
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