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> 2010 Youth Olympic Games, We won!!
post Thu, 21 Feb 2008 10:43 pm
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Congrats to Singapore for the award of hosting the first Summer Youth Olympics in 2010!! happydance1.gif

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white horse T1
post Sat, 01 Mar 2008 10:34 pm
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got budget surplus what......

...Call All"GBlack" and "Cwonderland.....buy their share..... biggrin.gif

Spore so good in building wet market overnight ...sure can one....

West Jurong can open up the unsold HDB also what. if any is left.

Terminal 3 nobody to use how can? !!!


actually for all key cabinet staff to be at padang and with speech ready ; the host for the venue is already in the pocket for Spore. tongue.gif

U notice u never see the same crowd in Moscow eagerly waiting for the result similar to then France, London and New York vying for the bigger olympics for 2008 ....


hosting this is even Bigger than SEAS games especially being the 1st nation to do so.

Hopefully this is enough to drive some fiscal spending to boost the economy and to showcase to the world just like what Japan did in 1964.

other than CHina, Korea and Australia whom host the bigger Olympics.....it is abt time it comes back to Asia and in small Spore for this mini scale event.

actually it is a big deal if Spore wants to showcase to the world what it could do and what it has to offer as a small nation.....otherwise......money not enough........

the games do bring with it some economical and publicity benefits i.e tourist money....

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