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> " Facts" Of Green Water For Goldfishes, A Fun Read
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post Thu, 07 Apr 2011 10:10 pm
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recently someone pointed me to some heated exchange in another forum on another CW vs green water debate,

i found it and placed it here in order not to stir more shit in that forum... biggrin.gif below are some fun replies i could think of nananana.gif


Fact 1
In a deep water green water pond, what happens to the environment below the lever where sunlight cannot reach. The green water advocates will only show you the condition at the top level. What happens to the bottom where most of the fish live?

Ans: who says green water pond must be deep water? the fish at the bottom swim around looking for food to eat and surface if there are food on top.....tio bo? tongue.gif . .....Watch too much NEMO and shark tales by Pixar please.gif

Fact 2
In the night, what happens to the water? The pH? The oxygen level? Your goldfish will be enjoying double "whammy" of CO2 dosage. Yum yum.

Ans: PH i guess should be high,Oxygen level low.

at night got air pump running what , and got evening breeze to create water ripple and give air /water exchange. and only 3 fishes in 1000 litres , they can still survive, tio bo ... happydance1.gif

Fact 3
Can you produce green water without first create a dangerous environment for your goldfish. What I am referring to literary is, plenty of shit and pee. I wonder if one prefer to live in a smelly toilet or a clean room?

ans: in clear water tank, i see goldfish eating its own shit and pee also, some spit it out what.... wink.gif Maybe green water goldfish got lower I Q than the CW ones ,

green water is not supposed to smell like tiolet also, if so, then it cannot be green water tio bo ? when genius invents a goldfish translator, then can check if they mind green water conditions.

incidentally, i watch discovery channel smart.gif last week, the hippo herd lives in muddy mud cake pool with crocs, they survive the same way as those hippo in the zoo in clean water and w/o the crocs. tada.gif

Primary school kids told me this is called " adaptability." - natural science topic. secret.gif

Fact 4
At the bottom of your pond where all the shit have accumulated and producing all the ammonia, etc etc and what have you. Where the green water cannot survive because of lack of sunlight, what happens to that portion of the water? Not forgetting that, that is exactly where all your yum yum Hikari Lionhead will most likely settle to. Guess where all your lwat kwat oranda and expensive buffalo-head will visit and swallow when hungry?


ans: the portion of water must be stagnant water . never see in green water yet. good point though, should not be a problem, buy floating Hikari Lionhead..tio bo??? salute.gif Only green water goldfish swallow shit when hungry.....this one really must study and observe .... photo.gif

Fact 5
Most large scale goldfish farmer used green water not out of choice but out of circumstances. Can you imagine how much water you will need for a pond the size of a football field.

ans: Totally agreed. cheers.gif

it is getting the same result wth the best economical and practical alternative. he will be an idiot to use Clear Water unless he has unlimited $$ and abundance water hysterical.gif . Having clean and portable water is an issue in many parts of the world. matrixbullet.gif


Why cannot use fire wood TO boil water instead of kettle? (BESIDE ENVIRONMENTAL REBUTTAL)

Craypot uncle use charcoal still compare to gas stove.....another Discovery doc showed a China baker still using wood instead of oven to bake cake......they all must be mad then.......but their food are all sold out compared to those that use kettle and oven ? why huh!


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post Sat, 09 Apr 2011 7:45 am
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Consider yourself lucky that the members of this forum are mature and open
minded about different keeping methods.
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post Mon, 11 Apr 2011 11:34 am
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QUOTE(nygold @ Sat, 09 Apr 2011 7:45 am) *

Consider yourself lucky that the members of this forum are mature and open
minded about different keeping methods.

Has been following the threads in that forum, only one mod who is kayu and kelong.

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