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QUOTE(goldrush @ Sat, 11 Feb 2006 8:15 am)
All QP ordinary/system 7 except for 1 system roll as expected...............

The guy who bought ROLL must be happiest... because System Roll must self pick 5 numbers right? Not possible for quickpick roll right?
Have Quickpick roll.
Wah lau....

3. 7-Eleven Store Yishun - Block 102 #01-137 Yishun Avenue 5 (2 QuickPick System 7 Entry)

2 of them from this lucky outlet again. I heard got people go queue up as early as 5am in the morning!!!! hmm.gif Now they have 19 counts of group 1 winners already... Terrible...

5. Tay Sui Lan Agency - 11 Collyer Quay The Arcade #02-13 (1 System Roll Entry)

Oh... next time I try QP Roll. I have no luck in picking numbers. Anyway this guy bought the normal system roll.. so he picked the 5 regular numbers... Happiest man now. beg2.gif
Yep it is that friendly neighbourhood store again.But it is to be expected.Given that the entire population of Spore were puntering at that outlet,I'll be very surprised if nothing comes from there!So with the media generating so much interest to fuel such chain reaction,that place becomes a WAN WAN TI not by virtue of its inherent quality anymore but the sheer quantity of the volume of transaction.Now I'm not surprise if that 7-11 store is among the top earner in its chain here not thro selling Gardener bread and Ass see Ass butter but by it Spool actitvities.So if u are the owner of that shop,u are sitting on a self generating pot of gold and you can simply call the shot in upping the rent shiok.gif but of course within comfortable range for both parties.So such tripartite business venture(Spool,7-11 and owner)on paper looks lucrative,self reliant and risk proof until garment gazette the area for up grading biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Coming to the system roll winner
We have to tada.gif salute him/her as he/she is the only sole winner handpicking all principle numbers.And by doing so, out of the 40 combinations bought he would have won all the prizes possible from Gp 1 to Gp6 making his individual winning feat surpassing all the rest of the computer generating ones.He/she to me is the grand champion of this draw beg2.gif beg2.gif beg2.gif
QUOTE(goldrush @ Sun, 12 Feb 2006 8:17 am)
.And by doing so, out of the 40 combinations bought he would have won all the prizes possible from Gp 1 to Gp6

Aiyo friend have to correct you again; he did not win from groups 1 to 6, only groups 1,2 and 3.

The 40 combinations from the system roll netted him:
1 Group1 prize (All 6 correct)
1 Group2 prize (5+1)
38 Group3 prizes. (5 nos correct)
Not really the highest winner... If and only if someone else more lucky to have bought this set of system 7 QP:

9, 11, 15, 23, 24, 30, 42

Then this guy will win:
1x Group 1 ($1,154,032 x1)
6x Group 2 ($35,485 x6)

Total winnings = $1,366,942
Champ... beg2.gif

The Roll guy's winnings:
$1,154,032 x1
$35,485 x1
$1,309 x38

Total he won $1,239,259

His 38x Group 3 is more than his Group 2 win alone.... beg2.gif

This Roll won him
- $85,227 more than the other Group 1 winners who bought normal QP
- $77,373 more than the other Group 1 winners who bought sys7 QP
- $127,684 lesser than the other Group 1 GAMBLER GOD who bought sys7 QP with 7th number as the additional number, 9 beg2.gif beg2.gif

PS: Crap.. I'm really no life to be calculating such things rusure.gif Study also never so serious...
OK now time to wake up everyone.Let me put in perspective how you can visualise your chances of striking whatever prizes.

Ever been to a company dinner with say abt 200 staffs, and there is a lucky draw at the end of the dinner?You must have felt that you are the luckiest person on earth if you won the 1st prize lucky draw, right??
But in this instance we are talking about 1 in 200 chance!! nananana.gif

So how difficult is it to strike $D 1st prize?
We know its 1 in 10,000 chance, and 3 draws are conducted per week,or 156 draws per year.So, assuming that every numbers takes its turn to queue up becoming the first prize, its will take 10,000 / 156 or 64 years for the number to reach its turn.That means that if you have punted on a particular number faithfully weel in week out the odds are that you will strike it at 1st prize once every 64 years.Or across 3 generations. rolleyes.gif

What about TOTO then?
OK, we know its 1 in 8.2 million with 2 draws per week.That means it will take 78,846 years for your number to appear, or across 236,000 generations.
How do you imagine 78,846 years???As a guide, modern human Homo Sapiens Sapiens only started appearing on planet earth some 20,000 years ago. biggrin.gif

Still asleep, or have you people finally awoken? biggrin.gif
Most unfortunately we are not all mathematically inclined
but most are on an arithmetically decline
The game of chance defies all logic
its occurence much difficult to predict
Some numbers have never appear as winners for years
For the die-hard fans,it can only bring nothing but tears
Yet some numbers are hot favorites and their appearance occur quite frequent
In various permutation but perhaps not in sequence.
Calculus can never explain such occurences
An Act of God or a twist of Fate will change all consequences...........
The Matrix
CP, with permutation, chances of having striking 1st prize for 4D increases. of course, returns won't be as good if goes for low cost i-bet.

even toto, now must buy a minimum of a buck, which means 2 sets of number. chances increase to win in a ticket, but not for the number of year ... sheeeshhh ...

My 3 Distinguished 4 D numbers

Good things come in three they say
In comedy there is The three Stooges
In famous trios there are three Amigos and The Three Musketeers(Although there were four)
In movies there are several epic trilogies like
Star wars,Indiana Jones,Lord of the rings
In Buddhism there is the triple gem,The Buddha,Dharma and Sangha
In Christianity, there is The Father,Son and The Holy Ghost
In Music we have Three Degrees,
In Chinese famous classic epic there is Romance of the Three Kingdom
In Science we have the Three laws of Motion by Newton
In Physics there is the Three states of Matter.
In children classic there is Goldilock and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs
In teens story there was Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators
And in nursery rhymes there is good old Three Blind Mice
So this week 4-D I ‘ ll be giving three most distinguished numbers instead of usual one
And hopefully you get triple wins or at least a win out of a possible three.
The lucky numbers drawn are for this post Chinese New Year…………..

8238, 8328 , 7853

an I-bet would be an insurance bet

“We bet to win and we win to bet

Good luck………
Long time didnt come in post HOT NOS liao ah!!

Lai Lai since election day on 6th May 06. Many NOS to buy


Nomination Day on 27th April

If adventurous can go PAR KA LIAO!!

Pls buy early to avoid disappointment. Relax ah!! biggrin.gif
The Matrix
Was at S'pore Pools around noon time, 0506 SOLD OUT LIAO AH!!
Sorry forgot to say SOLD OUT FOR SAT ONLY

SUN GOT CHANCE!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(domho7 @ Fri, 21 Apr 2006 9:09 pm)
Was at S'pore Pools around noon time, 0506 SOLD OUT LIAO AH!!

Bookie still accept ma............
Tomo go hoot

Last week 0000 this week 1111 har.......... good.gif luck
Lai Lai Bros & sis, uncles, Ah Peks!!!

7th month time ah, time to huat!!! Hoot this NO:

I just bought 2222 last weekend.

Came out 2228.
My boss' car.
Don'tPlay Play ah
Better Pray Pray lah
Sekali kenna Pay Pay

sweatingbullets.gif sweatingbullets.gif sweatingbullets.gif
This weekend hot nos

This weekend super HOT NOS



Gd luck to everyone!! Go hoot ah!! good_very.gif
Long time no choot HOT NOs liao ah!!!

Lai this weekend go Buay 1307
Wa nong time didnt give HOT NOs liao ah.

Lai lai this week Super Duper Hot no

Wah bro.. so long never give tokkong number. This number can buy 100 big 100 small boh??
Stay tune for this coming WED. fcuking HOT NOs coming out. biggrin.gif
This Weekend U all must buy


hi.gif hi.gif
Long time didnt come in, how's everyone.

Go hoot toto S$11m HUAT AH biggrin.gif
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