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GA Secretary
One Of My Latest Japanese Girl Friend.

Feel free to judge her. I am spell bound shiok.gif by her tatoo on her back. It is more of orange yellow and that captivates happydance.gif me. We have been going out for about 3 months now happydance1.gif . I still put her in my q-tank. About to join the others soon.

rgds, rolleyes.gif

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IPB Image
i find it odd with its overdeveloped light bulbs and underdeveloped wen sad.gif

does the fish swim towards the surface when startled?
Superb funtan extension ("overdeveloped light bulbs" !, Give me some ) . Nice rectangular head but upper crown underdeveloped giving bumper look. Try loadsa bloodworm to bulk it up.

Nice strong thick tail pipe with wide seat. Tail has kink in left hand shoulder bone, but it looks stong and not genetic.

Interesting colour, I like it, It reminds me of pastle colour. Fin colour infusion a bit transparent. Perhaps some colour enhancement feed or G/W to improve. Nice small neat scales. I noticed the odd sparkle in some!

Yep, I like this ranchu,

Regards (Olddog)Forrest
Nice and one of its kind. Given proper care it should have lots of potential ie champion fish ?
GA Secretary
Thank you Mr.Forrest for your invaluable advice. I will see to it that bloodworm will be her main diet. As for green water, it is abit inconvient.

rgds, smile.gif
GA Secretary
Hi , after 5 months of feeding bloodworms and green water as advised by bro odddog, the fish has grown into this. Is there any improvement? Please feedback. Thks. tongue.gif

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QUOTE(Secretary @ Thu, 09 Dec 2004 9:05 am)
Hi , after 5 months of feeding bloodworms and green water as advised by bro odddog, the fish has grown into this.  Is there any improvement?  Please feedback.  Thks. tongue.gif


Successful on colour. good_very.gif Only!

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