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Full Version: Life Span Of Goldfish
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whats the lifespan for different types of gfs?
QUOTE(supzfier @ Tue 04 May 2004 07:32 PM)
whats the lifespan for different types of gfs?


It all depends on how you take care of them, if you take really good care of them (water, food, diseases,etc) they can live upto 5 years max. I've seen goldfish (not fancy goldfish, but culled goldfish) lived upto 7 years.
Are you sure the lifespan of a gold is only 7 years?I heard of goldfish more than 10 years shiok.gif
Depends on the type and how fancy they are.Those really fancy gfs will have short livespan where else feeder types can live until extreme old age take 43years to be exact.(read somewhere hehe can't remember exact details---fish was won in a fair-ground in England)

alternatively your can go to or and seek your answers in their old threads.(ten-twenty years old gfs not unheard of)

Happy gfs keeping
GF Lover
I like to find out from all of us what is the approximate lifespan of ranchu. I think that there is a difference where it is being bred and raised.

The longest I have raised a ranchu is approximately 4 years old and I am from Singapore.

Some articles claim up to 40 years for the single tail variety.

Kindly share your experiences.
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