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Full Version: My "oranchu"
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hi guys,

here's my "oranchu" again. this guy is 1 year old liao, around 8". post for fun one hor laugh.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image
Fierce looking oranda u have there.hehe

8" size!!!!
is this the one u bred??
aim to beat tong hoi's bruce!!
... they say oranda grows fairly fast amongst its peers .. whoo .. whompping 8" a year .. good.gif

do you think there would be more headgrowth to come?? i think there would be.
Wahhh,8" a year????got to be kidding,right????

That the case m not feeding my fishes enough.Tomorrow start pumping them!!!!
make sure u've enough filtration capacity, and more water changes done to keep up with the additional feeding load
I love the red pom poms on the white head! happydance1.gif

BTW, is that a new gray plastic pipe that replaced the standard clear one that came with the sponge filter? unsure.gif
hehe, before you guys start getting carried away..... yes this is from my own spawn. but i didn't breed them. it is an accident laugh.gif

no it is no oranda. it is oranchu biggrin.gif mixed breed lah. gotta go see one of my old thread for details. this kind of head how to fight with a proper oranda? i think the headgrowth is abt maxed out liao... when it was 3", there was totally no headgrowth at all.

I love the red pom poms too! these, with the red lips, are my favourite attributes of the fish good_very.gif

yup HB, those are the pvc pipes I have installed. i have chamfered the tip to make it smooth and doesn't hurt the goldfish. they are slightly longer than the standard clear pipes.

imho, there is beauty in all types of goldfish. let's not restrict ourself to just the usual few good.gif
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