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Full Version: Happy Belated Birthday, Laserguy!
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Whoa! The big four-O.

Happy belated birthday bro!
wah lau! 40 yrs old liao ah!!!

happy birthday!
happy birthday too!

happydance.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
How do you guys under below 29 years old feels about turning 40 har? Take a moment to imagine it. I remember a week before I turned 30, I felt like a piece of crap... like... ohmygod, I'm going to be an old man. Actually got a little depressed thinking about it.

Now I'm twice that age and I feel like I own the world. A 30 year old is just a kid... and frankly, although I was already a dad at that age, I felt no different when I hit 30, 40, 50, 60; I still feel like I'm in my 20s.

So the morale of the story is... dun look at people older then you as some kind of monster. Deep down inside they're still a pussy cat like you.
Thanks a lots, guys!
Sorry for the late reply.
Didn't even notice all the postings here, paisei paisei... blush.gif
FYI, didn't even celebrate at all, my birthday to me is just like any other day.
I feel more happy and great when I picked up a under-priced new fish... shiok.gif shiok.gif
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