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Full Version: Chalky Residue In Pond
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can anyone tell me why there is a white, powdery substance that clings to the air pumps and (sometimes sides of the wall)?

i have 2of 4x4 ft pond, and it happened a month ago, 2nd day after i'd changed water.

pls advise.

Did you use a water conditioner and which brand is it? What's happening is not common and you'll need to furnish us more info for us to help you out, such as what is the filtration type and if you use any other additives.

thanks for your reply. basically i only added the anti-chlorine cystrals and the powder that makes the water less hard (sorry, am not technical at all), after filling the pond with regular tap water. i didn't add any other conditioner. mine's a pretty new pond, it's a fibre glass tank.

i discover the chalkiness after the 2nd day of changing water. The most serious was a month ago, all surfaces in the pond were covered with the chalk-like substance, the air stone especially.

hope the info's of help. let me know if you need more info.

y do u need to make the water less hard? singapore tap water is very soft already

sorry, i dun know why the powder to make the water less hard. am looking after the pond for my boyfriend. the ponds were fine for the 1st month, then the white chalky stuff appeared.

less of it appeared after each change, and usually only around the air stone and underwater light, but am just curious what it is and what caused it.

btw, i dun have a filter system. i change 100% of water each time but will add a few pails of the old water to the new.

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