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Full Version: How To Maintain A Cannister Filter?
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can finally post...

Anyway i just bought a eheim 2215.
i was "smart" enough to be able to start the water flow
(siphon the water for the eheim to start)

but the problem comes ...

i then wanted to remove one of the mediums in the filter. but i wasnt sure how i was able to bring the whole filter into the toilet. i tried to siphon out the water from the other side but doesnt work. in the end i had to carry the whole filter with (full water) and the tubings held high in the air (water inside). cry.gif

how do i empty it before i bring it to the toilet?
i read the instruction but doesnt really understand it.
If I'm not wrong, only the smaller 2213 comes with an internal basket to hold the media. You can thus pull the basket out, leaving the water in the canister, to do you maintenence.

Maybe the basket is an optional item for the 2215? Alternatively, you can improvise by keeping the sinster glass in a net before inserting the whole net into the canister for easy future removal.

PS. You can get those net at departmental store's landry-ware section; they cost less than those I saw at LFS. The japanese makes nice durable one for housewife to wash their delicate undies with their regular laundry in the washing machine. Only $2-$3 for a large one.
no no

my problem is that since the whole cannister filter still has water filled completely,
i cannot open the filter in any way to take out any media, withouting removing the water first
that's why i had to take the whole filter to the toilet to let the water flow out, which was very messy since i had to hold the tubings as well

how can i remove/ pump out the water out first before i bring it to the toilet?
Can always put the filter in a big pail. After draining the water, then carry the whole pail plus filter to toilet.
QUOTE(supzfier @ Sun, 19 Sep 2004 1:50 pm)
how can i remove/ pump out the water out first before i bring it to the toilet?

I think I understand you better now but maybe not...

Here's what you do. Lift the filter's outlet pipe above water level and exposed to air. Then lift the inlet pipe out and into a pail placed lower then your canister's level. Water should start flowing out into the pail naturally.
I have been only doing this for my 2213 every month... ie. let the water flow out from the inlet.
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