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this is my first forum joined and also a 'greenbird" in keeping goldfish. Justed started keeping some orange cap orandas three months ago. Puffy was it's name but not sure whether it's a he or she (only 1.5"). One of my oranda was six- feet-under one month ago when it's was choked by the water inlet of my filter. It's was a horrible death and I felt very bad for a week... cry.gif

I have a 2ft tank with lights, 4 live plants and 2 HOB biofilter. Also had a Jebao canister bio-filter but was sort of "too big" at the moment. Planning to get another 5 plan 2ft tank soon...this is the best i can buy due to space problem (house not big). blush.gif

This is my recent pic of puffy taken with my handphone (pic not sharp). Do give your comments and suggestions. Have a nice day. tongue.gif
You know what... I think your Oranda is really quite adorable. It caught my eyes when this page loaded. tongue.gif CUTE! How is it now? can show me another picture? And I don't really know how to judge a fish base on its curve or headgrowth. I judge it by how cute it is. tongue.gif Do show me a new pic of it if its possible. I'm quite curious since I have Orandas myself too.
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