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Full Version: Ranchu not eating in Green Water
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this 2 ranchu that can be seen in one of the pics used to be eating quite alot, but after transfer to my green water setup they eat a bit only! sad.gif what's wrong? the green water not right?

ph for green water is at 7.0, temp at 29.4'c ... do not have ammonia test kit, gonna get one tomolo.... sad.gif

any advices? sad.gif abit confused abt green water liao.....

oh one of the ranchu ganna red veins in the fin when she was in the clear water tank...... sad.gif

IPB Image

The other end of the connected green water setup, the filter is use to filter bulky waste! smile.gif

IPB Image

These 2 shubunkin was used to clear and clean up uneaten food and stuff at the 1st tank , damn active! and eating like pigs! tongue.gif

IPB Image
QUOTE(top_view_ranchu @ Fri, 24 Sep 2004 8:23 pm)
temp differences during transfer?

erm..... abt 1'c diffenece between the clear(28.....'c) and green water(29...'c) unsure.gif
or..... i overdo the green water setup? the water stll turn green.... yesterdae did a water change to dilute the green water.... can see the fish quite clear.... todae almost can't c fish liao? rolleyes.gif
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