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Full Version: green water Vs Chlorine
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Hi all hobbist,

I re-started my green water project again ( on monday ) with 2 ranchus in 1 small TOYOGO tub ( 20 litres -> I know I overload liao blush.gif )

Would like to ask these few bothering questions of mine, hope someone could kindly enlighten me. beg2.gif

1. Since green water does not have BB so can we do without anti-chlorine ?

2. I noticed that some anti-chlorine and anti-chloramine solution have dual instructions ( like Aqua+ -> 10 ml for 70 litre of water containing chlorine and 10 ml for every 35 litre containing chloromine ) so how much should we be adding to our normal tap water ? since our tap water contains both chlorine and chloramine.

For bros using Aqua+, how much do U normally add to treat 35 litre of NORMAL TAP WATER ? 10ml or 5ml ?
Yr qn 1 is cheem. I dont quite understand. Did u misunderstand that anti-chlorine is for the BB? Or i hv misinterprete yr qn tongue.gif

As long as yr tap water contains chloromine, u hv to use the concentration for treating chloromine (10ml for 35L)
1. I read somewhere that chlorine and chloramine are harmful to fishes not just BB.

2. I use 10ml because kiasu and kiasi. tongue.gif
QUOTE(manakoleng @ Wed, 06 Oct 2004 10:15 pm)
1. I read somewhere that chlorine and chloramine are harmful to fishes not just BB.

For a moment, I thought chlorine only harmful to BB not fish. blush.gif
Chlorine and chloramine are bad for our fishes; burn their gills.

It so happens they also kill BB.

But the primary reason to use anti-chlorine is to prevent hurting our fishes.
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