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Full Version: Ga 048 - Ranchu
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GA Secretary
Hi, just bought this thai SV ranchu, all comments welcome.....

IPB Image
Not bad, although I don't quite like the profile of its back but it's still a very good ranchu. Is that a kink of its tails? I like the way the tails "wrap" around and looks to me it's a powerful swimmer. The scales are very neat. No complaint on its cheeks and wens either.

Good catch!
This ranchu has a very impressive back. Fantastic curvature and perfectly smooth. There's a lot of potential in its wens. Putting it in green water will help tremendously.

Only setback is U-shape at the meet-point of of peduncle and tail. Probably because of this, the tail cannot be as erected as it should be.

Overall, a very very good specimen. Good buy!!

PS: This is the way the side view profile of a SV ranchu should be taken. One picture will be sufficient.
good smooth back, neat scales, finnage is unscathed, adequate headgrowth....
wat more to ask for?

i would eagerly pay $200 for this fish.
GA Secretary
This is the picture of the other side, no kink on the tail...

IPB Image
Swee swee swee!

The new pic shows off this ranchu so much more! I look forward to seeing its eyes get covered up, from behind! It'll be cool!

Pump it up! happydance1.gif
Very very nice. No complaints from me at all.

I'm sure it will grow big in no time.

Great catch!
orh..............eyes too big, this fish is stunted!
How much U bought this nice babe for ?

From where ?
This fish is definitely not stunted.

I personally think it is a AAA grade fish that can grow to be a showgrade fish in no time. A good competition material. Please let us know of any update on this fish. Thanks!

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