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Full Version: Beneficial Bacteria
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guys..still new in rearing goldfish,but do u all clean the rest of the filter medium besides the sponge..and if u do u go about it and how long do u clean..and wont the bb get wiped out??
Hi marc,

well, theres several ways to answering yur question.. prob u can further eleborate on your tank setup/size and bio-load so that we can help u more specifically.
e.g what other filters are u using beside your sponges??
Ceramic and sinter glass materials take weeks to cultivate BB, but mishandling can wipe out the BB in mere seconds.

The rule of thumb is never ever wash the media under tap water. Always rinse them in your tank's water. If you have mechnical filtration, the media will be relatively free of large debris so a thorough clean-up is often not necessary anyway.

Do tell us more about your filtration setup so we can advise further.
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