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Full Version: Mad Cull Disease
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Help Bros I’m being diagnosed as suffering from Mad Cull Disease.( MCD)
I have the honour of being the first confirmed case in medical history.
It’s deadly,terminal and devastating for it is taking its toll where ever I go.
Stricken by the deadly bug,I decided to take a night off away from my goldies so as to lessen my exposure.However the worst was yet to be come.
First stop:I drove myself into the night ,through the streets of Singapore and turned into the bustling night life of Geylang.It was there that I encountered the first mad cull experience(a constant nagging reminder)
Lor 19,I chance upon a couple whom I guess that one of them may be retrenched during this economic downturn.
Man to Woman: Le A sigh mai CULL CULL tiew buay.Oo Lui cha kong
I left in an instance before she replied.
Next stop Lor 24 and I chance on some loan shark activity
Loan sharker to borrower :Le ti si Ai heng
Borrower :Le mai CULL peh CULL bu A sigh buay.Kay nen jit wa contact le..
This is too much for my taking(I thought to myself).I’m suppose to escape from the nerve of culling.
In desperation,I try to seek comfort in the arms of any available woman in the following lane.There ,I chance upon a local woman of fair complexion and voluptuous figure.The night must have been a poor harvest for her because she uttered in desperation
Le mai BJ Wah eh sai CULL hor le.
From heighten libido to desperado,I lept off her advancement without further indulgence(Trust me)
I sped through the wee hours of the night and ended at KK hospital
There I decided to seek refuge in arms of innocent infants and babiesSo I went to the Maternity Ward and chance upon a startling discovery:
The maternity nurse whom I suspected of having to feed several babies at one go
Uttered in annoyance towards the wailing baby in her arms:Le eh sigh mai tiam tiam CULL buay.Chin pek chek .Le nun mai long chong CULL peh si bu together.Ok?.
I’m suppose to seek solace but I ended being constantly reminded again and again of this dreadful disease.To all RG members who are willins to help me please come forward soon.
Mai hor wah CULL ka bo but chup(ooops again)


Enjoy shiok.gif shiok.gif shiok.gif shiok.gif

Just curious,as I do not breed fries,just how fellow forumers or breeders define 'culling'.
Kill them as what the term meant literally?Sell them?Give away?Sell to LFS?Feed luohan?Use as fish food?..........
QUOTE(cpiw2002 @ Wed, 13 Oct 2004 1:18 pm)
Your avatar is misleading. tongue.gif

Culling is an act to eliminate what is considered undesired and inferior in quality in a given brood.It is a sensitive issue as far as spiritual practice is concerned.Ultimately it really lies upon the motivation behind the practice.Far too often we view it as an act of cruelty but on closer examination we may have often prematurely condemn the act.As far as fish rearing is concerned,especially ornamental fish industry,where aesthetic,color and over all presentation rank in priorities,few farmers have little choice but to eliminate non-marketable progenies.Much as they like to keep as many,however each spawn delivers limited stocks that are considered top quality.Because of space constraint and the amount of food required,couple by the competition for optimal environment,few farmers if any can afford to keep all available .Most rejects are terminated through throwing them away,feeding to adults as a supplement or sold as feeders.Now setting this rejects free which are often mutated and deformed is not an act of giving them the right to live.Far too often they can never survive in the wild in any way but because of your act in “kindness”you have unintentionally upset the ecosystem of the water environment causing unnecessary death and deterioration of the aqualife organic to that particular water reservoir.A few noted examples are the snakehead which causes such havoc in some Western countries,being introduced by the Chinese(as usual) and locally our outpouring of Luohans into our local ponds and waterways after the fad has dwindled.

Cpiw2002 and other RG members,I hope my fictitious story is not too offensive .If so I hope I can retract the story and let the moderators decide the outcome.

cry.gif cry.gif cry.gif
The Matrix
I very the cho lor one hor ... to me hor, no good means no good. ok ok ... human is human, fish is fish. no no mix mix feeling.

no good, become feeders. if not how those aro keeper where got so many fish, frog, centipedes or worms to eat.

acceptable, keep.

along the way, some become not as good, dun waste my time and money.

Now the tricky part .... other than real physical defects, what is culling ?

Let the fish suffer less or let me suffer more .... who cares. I not very spiritual hor, non believer.

Last time I still hold on to a miserable life, do all i could to help. Now ......

I have ever lived in kelong for few days sometime of the year to help out. Catching smaller in size fish and just dump them into grinder and out it goes, feed to their bigger brothers in meat balls.

Elimination is cruel. Well, it's a world of Fit for Survivor.
QUOTE(goldrush @ Wed, 13 Oct 2004 4:07 pm)
Cpiw2002 and other RG members,I hope my fictitious story is not too offensive .If so I hope I can retract the story and let  the moderators decide the outcome.

cry.gif  cry.gif  cry.gif


Not to worry about speaking about this controversial subject. So long as one writes about the subject instead of attacking someone or his personality about it, it's actually encouraged.
QUOTE(goldrush @ Wed, 13 Oct 2004 4:07 pm)
Cpiw2002 and other RG members,I hope my fictitious story is not too offensive .If so I hope I can retract the story and let  the moderators decide the outcome.

cry.gif  cry.gif  cry.gif

Offensive?No,not at all.Noticed that my post was removed.Perhaps my comments were misunderstood and my sincere apologies for that. peace.gif
Just to add to this interesting discussion.

Went to a Church who had a pond ... I don't go there all the time so over 3 years I see big changes ...

When it first started ... nice pond not nice fish (KOI)

one year later ... noticed got nice fish as the priest is nice and people donated their prize fish to the pond.

Last year, the pond is filled to the brim ... there are LH, goldfish, suckers ... priest is too nice, so people keep giving, but they are giving culls and unwanted ones.

How? I suggested to the priest, keep the best and beautify the pond ... no priest is too nice keep it as it is let nature take care of it ... do I agree ... No!

Mother Nature is cruel ... it is survival of the fittest ... and it this case it got to look nice because that is the function of the pond.

Do you guys agree?
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