Kerry On Bush(Please Carry on)

With Bush victory in the recent election my thoughts are mixed with both optimism as well as pessimism…sigh. Four more years of Bush presidency means four years on with his BUSHido (the ancient art of obsession with incriminating a country of having in their possession weapons of mass destruction(WMD).Cornered for an answer as to why harsh decisions on war with Afghanistan and Iraq were made,his secretary of state will attempt to beat around the BUSH for excuses for waging such wars..With the Bush’s administration in place, his entourage of BUSHmen (all the president’s men)should further push for pro anti terrorism policy much to delight of some and dismay for others as it will open all alliance to the continual threat of terrorism and amBUSHes by our friend or fiend, Osama bin Laden.

Just some of my thoughts on his BUSHY WASHY victory!


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