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Full Version: Ga 066 - Ryukin
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picked this up on my way back home.

how's the fish?

IPB Image
Hey, you make picking up a great Ryukin sounds so easy! mad.gif

It's a young fish but everything is already in place for you to develope it into a champion Ryukin; watchout void! biggrin.gif

Tamade, I really want to pick on this Ryukin but I can't!

Pad lock your tank/tub/pond!
I would say its above average but not great.Voids' are much better.
IMO the head and eyes are large compared to the body.The hump is high but I would prefer the head to be flatter and wedged into the hump.
Good buy only if below $35/=.
Pls keep in green water to improve on colouration.
take a better picture!! you don't look like a newbie .. there is 2 fish there .. arg .. take one that shows the full profile can?
Alright, I'm a moron - I thought there's only one Ryukin in the pic! longpia.gif

Can you take more pics especially on the right piece please? Imo, it has a very beautiful tails.
overall quite well balanced....
but lack hump.....
fish is still small, post a pic after 3 months to see if the hump will grow...
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