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Full Version: Lionhead Growth
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halo everybody, i'm newest member ard, i guess.
i have my lionhead for the past 1 1/2 years and he has been doing fine. occasional floating (last floating is like 6mths ago). my tank set up is 2ft tank with sponge filter + powerhead filter. it's 5cm in length and the problem is, it hardly grows. r there anything i can do or is it genetics?

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Welcome to RafflesGold!

It's stunted for sure since it's a mere 5cm after you had it for 1 1/2 years. I applaud your effort and patient to keep it for so long. If you spend some time in the Goldfish Academy, you'll see that small young goldfish grows very quickly. An example would be Ga 009 which doubled its side in 3 months and continued to grow although now at a slower rate. I think that's normal growth and so long as you provide your fish a good environment, every ranchu is able to achieve the same.

I doubt you can repair a stunted fish. In a posting, bro olddog mentioned beside stunted a fish could be a runt too. A runt is a genetically small(er) fish and also cannot be repair.

But given a good environment, a stunted or runt can grow but in a strange way. Usually its size remain relatively small but the finages and the eyes will become large and out of proportion. It's not a pretty fish.

So welcome aboard but it's time you learn the basic of grooming your goldfish. I think you'll soon know from reading in the forum the number one rule of keeping goldfish is giving it good water, which is easiest to achieve with a massive volume of water. A 2 feet tank is about 50 litres only and we use it as a hospital tank. Grin. GA 009 would grow as a young fish in it but after just 3 short months, it will stop growing unless you give it a bigger tank.

With your patient in keeping this fish, you only need to correct your setup to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

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