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Full Version: Green Water Bucket....?
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may i know d way of creating a bucket of green water by using....???

2)plants that is alive
3)a small bucket


THANKS 4 UR IDEAS OR SUGGESTION...!!! happydance.gif
white horse T1
QUOTE(fish_dream88 @ Wed, 22 Dec 2004 12:02 am)
may i know d way of creating a bucket of green water by using....???
2)plants that is alive
3)a small bucket

if this is yr question: u have set 3 conditions to produce green water.
create green water by using (1) light, (2) live plants (3) small buckets?
Light ? can but use PL or MH light pls
Live plants? never hear before
small buckets? one small cup also can
but u need shit or ammonia.

if u just want to find out how to brew green water w/o all these conditions,
suggest u read back old thread on green water using the search function.
by d way ...i study that if u put plants in d can create algae more faster because there is chlorophyll in d plants....

But u hav 2 put more greener plants in.....!!!
so is tis true anot...?????
white horse T1
since u already study, then it should be true lor...u try and tell us more lor...
so does anyone try before any way of creating green water d same way using small bucket...???

Or u hav use other way....??

pls tell me the way that u hav or u use before ...!! i would lik 2 know d way... shiok.gif


I have referred you to green water cultivation in a previous thread:

Here it is again.

Fishless method was discussed before here:

More importantly, you can do a search with your queries by using the search form here:

Please tell us where you have read that green water can be cultivated faster in bucket with plants.
i tried 2 on my 2 plants tube lights 10-12 hrs everyday.....and nt 2 change water
for 1-2 weeks.....until today is d 4th day aready......

SUDDENLY i found out that my tank behind start 2 grow brown algae and nt green algae....Can anyone tell me why is it lik this....????? beg2.gif

Thanks 4 ur help.....
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