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Merry Christmas To all RG members

As part of my return after my holidays I have decided to unwrap my Christmas wish for this forum and look forward to serve you better in the coming year 2005.My wish can be best summarized by the alphabets that spell

M: Be Merry , let your hair down this festive seasons and enjoy every single moment with glee.But with Moderation and mindfulness

E :Enlightenment .Be open and accept views from all walks of life and levels of indulgence.Enlighten those that lean towards the path of darkness(ignorance of goldfishkeeping)with sincerity and love.

R:As in Response and not react.Response to the call of help by fellow members be it trivial or otherwise.This forum need to be responsive and ready to lend a helping hand or ears to whatever plea by any member

R:As in reciprocate and not retaliate.Anger and ill feeling doesn’t solve problems but fan the fire of an unwanted behaviour.Active discussion does not equate with hurling unnecessary abuses to make this forum lively.Be constructive and not destructive.

Y:Yield.Learn to be flexible like a wire that doesn’t snap on stress and strain but able to constantly accommodate to changes and taste as we progress in our fish keeping

C: Too many good Cs to highlight. care, compassion ,concern speak them all.Continual care for your fishes means that the hobby is not just one off indulgence maybe a lifetime commiment.So learn as much as you can to nurture your fishes.Compassion and concern:To all who are in need of aids, experienced bros should learn to share their knowledge and allievate the sufferings of members whose fish are in distress.

Hhappy.gif and humour.Learn to be happy and inject humour in disseminating reviews, views and interviews.I do wish that the forum has more participation from many more members and not perceived to have only few backbenchers with occasional and sporadic contributions

R:Reflection.Before presenting any case, perhaps a moment of reflection will prevent unnecessary misunderstanding that leave us to regret, feeling remorseful and the need to repent our wrong doings .So be mindful of what you intend to write
I:Write with intelligence and of interest.We want a forum to be of interest and an encyclopedia of knowledge waiting to disseminate and be enjoyed by all.

S:Sense ansd Sensibility.Write in sensible English with due respect to fellow members not in SMS format.Use common sense like doing a search before presenting your plight.It save a lot of time for you and us alike

T:Tolerance.For oldies perhaps we should show more tolerance and patience in dealing with newbies’ questions and for newbies you should be more tolerant and patient awaiting for a response and answer from oldies.

M :Marvelous site. Together we can make this site something to marvel at ,with wonderful write ups and astonishing contribution that others live to envy.

A:Approach.Forum must be deemed as approachable, ever ready to serve and accept all views with respect and consideration

S: The final S that signifies Social and Ethics.Being a closely knitted family of members,we should promote a more social exchange, ready to mix in a friendlier relationships with a common interest in promoting the art of goldfish keeping.

The above are my thoughts and my well wishes for this forum for the coming year. So bros please join me in open prayer or silent contemplation in making this forum a success.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


peace.gif peace.gif peace.gif
Long time no see your posts.
Welcome back.

happydance.gif happydance.gif happydance.gif
Hey goldrush, great to be reading from you again.

Welcomed back and Merry Christmas!
Dr WEE!! welcome back....heehee
Merry Xmas

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QUOTE(mountain @ Fri, 24 Dec 2004 5:06 pm)
Merry Xmas


Eh... those are simi LJ lai eh?
biggrin.gif sperm heads balloons .. inside my car just now .. forget to show G-String.. laugh.gif
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