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Full Version: Mouse Or Pc Problem?
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Non fish related problem,sorry blush.gif ,but hope there are some tech savvy people who can advise.

Bought this new PC Compaq Presario in Oct 04.It comes with an optical mouse,those with wire type (ie NOT wireless mouse).

The mouse pointer likes to go to the top right or bottom left of the screen suddenly,so I always ended up clicking the "start" or "close" unwittingly.It is very frustrating. mad.gif

It must be the mouse problem,or so i thought,so I went to get another brand new optical mouse only to end up with the same problem.Pek chek,so I though it must be the PC problem.

Yesterday I took back an old mouse (those with the ball type) from my office,installed it and the problem is solved.So it is the mouse problem?Does it mean that my new PC cannot use optical mouse?

Is it the MOUSE problem,or is it the PC,or is it ME?

KNN see peh tu lan,hope some of you here can advise,many thanks in advance.
Optical Mouse uses light .. this behaviour is usually due to the desk surface where u used the mouse. make sure its not reflective (i.e. Glass surface top or white mouse pads). Sometimes, it can also be because of the small table space and users then to light the mouse up, this will cause the cursor to run too.
Thanks. smile.gif Will get a mouse pad tomorrow and see what happens.
Problem solved using non reflective mouse pad. smile.gif

Thanks a lot,bro Mountain!!
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