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Full Version: Making Green Water
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Here is a making Green Water tip, I use a 36W PL o/h light and this with mixing some of my plant tank water (which has an algae problem) seem to make my water content more greenish and my goldfish more mobile and happy!

Other thn that, I use GreenAway, which to me is quite weird as it does not actually get rid of algae but rather clumps them together...

Watch this space for more development...

Chan smile.gif
this process is called seeding. and usually good at kickstarting green water.

while the greenaway only tackles certain form of algea. it should documented on the product i think.
Hi bro was wondering where did you get your plastic tub? unsure.gif
You can find the tubs cheap at the Toyogo Warehouse.

Read this thread in FAQ section for more info:

Where To Buy Inexpensive Plastic Tubs
Thanks very much for your generous sharing and the photos clarifying everything. Not sure whether it is appropriate to ask the following questions under this topic: Does the pH of your green water fluctuate between the day and night (or when the light is on and when it is not. Do you off the light after the third day?) If so, what is the pH fluctuation like pls? Thanks.
My experience with indoor green water tells me that pH do fluctuate. But there is no worry as nowadays I buffer it.
The Matrix
normal. dun worry about the fluctuation.
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