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Full Version: Different Farms = Different Quality?
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Hi all,

I have bought in total 5 ranchus. 2 RW, 2 R and 1 black.

1) 5" RW - Farm A - died within 2 weeks of int. bacteria
2) 3" RW - Farm A - tail blowout in 1 week, currently healed
3) 5" R - Farm A - tail blowout currently
4) 5" R - Farm B - Perfect
5) 3" Bk - Farm C - Perfect

All ranchus bought within 1 - 2 weeks of each other. All kept in the same pond and had them for ard 2 months already. Is it pure coincidence that the fish from farm A all turn out to be problematic or what's a probable explaination? I'm really puzzled. Dare not buy from Farm A already. unsure.gif
There might be some truth to it... but not entirely correct. If you take a look at how Mainland maintain their fishes, your theory of "fishes from same farm would have problem" would have been applicable. Take a look at how they set up their filtration system. A centralized filtration system that is shared among all the tanks in the entire place. So if one tank is infested by say, gill flukes, it will be within days that all other tanks would be affected.

But not all farms adopt that type of system. There are many farms which take good responsibility of the fishes they sell.

So, in the end, it all narrows down to how you QT your fishes. Doing it well, your fishes would have no problem. And of course, how you keep your fishes.
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