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Full Version: Super Cruel
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Hi guys and gals,
Be warned, better don't watch this after your meal...... I can't even bear to finish watching the whole thing......weep.gif
Dunno what to say ........ speechless. Too cruel liao.
The Matrix
I got a kangaroo belt bot in Aussieland .... made in china ... oh man .... dun think about it better ...
F^#k!!! mad.gif I can't even finish seeing 20% of the clip. Those fellows are really inhumane.

God, not all human are like these idiots. hmm.gif beg2.gif beg2.gif hmm.gif
Reminded me of one clip where people kill those helpless seals for their fur.
Hundreds of them,slow moving and basically sitting ducks and the people just hammered their heads with wooden clubs.Left to die a slow death and seals were whinning non stop.

Well,if the buying stops,so does the killing.

A salute to Pamela Anderson - Go naked rather than wearing fur!!
Heheee ... I think we still like to eat chicken even though we're aware how chicken is being slaughter ?? biggrin.gif
peter porker
BASTARDS! My heart goes to the poor racoons. Don't worry my furry friends, what goes around, comes around.
i just view the whole movie yesterday... nothin to say.. but it make me whole day dun even touch any meat item on my meal... hmm.gif
This is a very educative clips. Thanks.

I just completed watching it - The whole clip!!. My God. Very disheartening cry.gif . It's too barbaric. We human used to skin these animals for cold and food with limitation. Now we are using it as a commercial, fashion and status purpose at the expense of another's valuable & beautiful live.

These barbaric trading, not just take away the lives of the helpless animals and glorify the well being of those who wear it or trade it. It took away each and everyone of us at large whom has nothing to do with it but the unknowing joy of having it. mad.gif
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