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Full Version: Commercial Denitrator
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Hi everyone,

I am a newbie to goldfish.
Has been reading the threads in this forum and I must thank all of you who had provided valuable information on setting up a new tank.
I am about to embark on this task of getting a new tank.
However, one of the major concerns that I noticed is controlling the nitrate levels in a tank.
It seems that you can't put plants in the tank, as goldfish will destroy them.
That means very frequent water changes.....

I am wondering if anyone has come across a decent commerical denitrator here. I have seen DIY ones on the net, but I think is beyond me to make one myself.
Have come across this commercial one by Aquaripure on the net, but not sure if it works well.

Any suggestions?
Mr Wong,

There are no proven products so far,otherwise it would have been one of the most recommended product in the forum.

Be careful about additives too,some are said to mask the readings of nitrate test kits, whereas some are actually zeolites whereby they actually surpress ammmonia thus giving you zero nitrates.

And even if you manage to control nitrates you still have to get rid of the "growth inhibitor" secreted by goldfish.Therefore LPPL,still need to change water. sad.gif

There are some discussions on these in the old topics.

So my suggestion is save your money as far as these are concerned.


Actually I have read the threads on denitrator before, but though try my luck if somebody has found something new..... tongue.gif
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