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Full Version: Stocking In Green Water
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I have managed to create green water in a 3 1/2 ft tub using my cheap Kois. Now the water is shining green and the kois seem to be very healthy. The green water has seem to be matured.

Within a week, I think I want to transfer my ranchus into the green water but I am concern about ovestocking in green water tub.

The size of the tub is 40" X 27" X 9". This will give me about a little over 185 litres of water. As recommended for goldfish, 100 litres per fish.

My question is do we stick to the 100 ltr per fish in green water? Meaning that the maximum I should put is 2 GFs into the tub.

Will appreciate if someone can guide me.

Thanks a lot.
what size?
wah, use green water created with kois ah..

I have 5 about 3 inches (small ones) and about six measuring 4-6 inches (Larger ones) ranchus. I also have 2 4 inch Ryukins.

Planning to put 3 larger ones and 3 small ones in green water. All in one tub seems to be very overcrowded. Or do I just, treat crowding in green water the same as blue water? Tao tia ler........

Why, green water made from cheap Koi not good is it? laugh.gif My cheapo kois are the hardiest fish that I think can withstand the initial high ammonia in the process of creating green water. In fact, I used them to establish BB colony in new filters. They are my Ammonia Rangers. Always handy and they have served me well. good.gif
The Matrix
just do watever u think is correct lor. if i tell u to buy another 6 more tubs, u also won't follow one lah. where got space right ...

so think of wat u really want and which is more important lor. if squeeze inside a tub, might as well use normal tank to keep better.

ponder ponder ponder....
hardiest doesn't mean the safest, means they can tahan better only. y? because they r still pretty close to their ancestors. as matrix said lor, if we say 100L per fish, will u buy 6 more tubs?
alternatively you buy less fish to keep within my limited constraints.
you don't have to buy 6 more tubs.
laugh.gif buying less fish!!! This is a temptation that is very hard to resist for newbies like me.

Actually, the reason why I started this topic is because I wanted to find out the requirements for balancing the algae in green water and no of fishes in green water. What I meant was, if less fish in green water, will green water crush? I am very sure if many fishes in green water, density of algae will boom very quickly.

Just trying to find out the "ecological" balance between the ammonia producers and the ammonia consumers!

Anyway, I am testing it already.

Thanks a lot for the feedback anyway.
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