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Full Version: Is This Greenwater?
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i believe i have an outbreak of greenwater in my tank. i know this might not be something everyone here would suggest getting rid of but this is currently my only tank. so:

a little background. tank is only about 3 weeks old. tank was cycled with bio spira. two medium orandas in tank. when second oranda was introduced into tank both orandas developed ich. treated tank with NOX-ICH and salt. after three days ich was gone and water was discolored. added carbon to remove the NOX-ICH (and the discoloration). discoloration turned to a green color. even after frequent water changes, discoloration won't go away.

1) is what is shown in the attached pic green water?
2) how can i get rid of it if it is green water?

i plan on saving some of the green water and setting up a quarrantine tank with it (is that a good idea or should a green water tank be seperate all together?).

thanks for all your help.

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hehe, maybe your medication killed off all the BB, thus a chance for algae to get a hold?
when your filter is working as it should, there won't be green water.
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