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Full Version: How To Select A Side-view Ranchu
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Thanks. smile.gif
You're most welcomed and thanks for the suggestion to put the guide up; it was done so long ago I completely forgotten about it. blush.gif

I should add a few points about this guide.

It's NOT based on any country or club preference and shall not be taken as a competition reference -- it's really just my OWN preference on how I like my ranchus.

As far as I know, there's no "international" standard on how a side-view ranchu should be. I made this guide for newbies to figure out why a ranchu he acquired did not get a "swee ah" respond from anyone (except fellow newbies.) If you follow the guide when selecting your ranchu, your chances of hitting jackpot increase. biggrin.gif

Colored Fins: This is obviously my personal preference as I like to keep my goldfish (yeah... not just ranchus) in a all white tank/tub/basin. If the fins are not coloured, the fish would look deformed with missing fins. Watching those little pectoral fins peddle in the water makes me happy; I don't want to miss seeing them.

Anal Fins: I meant to put a reference to these fins but unable to fit it in the guide. As far as I'm concerned, single or a pair of anal fins is fine. Obviously a pair is the norm and for some groups of people, single anal fin disqualifies the ranchu for competition. Look, I'd rather have one perfect anal fin then a pair of defective ones. And... yeah... it doesn't bother me whether the single anal fin sticks out to the left or to the right of the anal.

Enjoy the guide but do look at other bros' collection to understand and learn to appreciate ranchus the way you like them to be, or we'll be living in a world where everyone has identical looking girlfriends/wife/mistresses who look exactly like Miss Universe.

You can download larger sized and higher screen resolution JPG files as follows:-
Its been more than 4 years since someone has written another good sideview ranchu selection guide which in my opinion deserved to be pinned so I have merged Goldrush's topic to this pinned topic here.

Not quite my Paper back Best Seller yet laugh.gif however I would like to supplement some of the best writings here on selection of a sideview fish with my own personal taste and foresight without being perjorative in intent.

I received a call 2 days ago from my supplier that a batch of sample fish(only 4) from Thailand has arrived for my selection.So I took this opportunity without much hesitation as such lobang are rare and far in between.I will use this sample as a guide as to why I choose this fish to help you understand my key to good selection techniques.At the end of reading I hope you can be better equipped with an eye for fish with lots of potential in the future.

Look at these few pics of the same fish taken today

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

From the topview,look for fish that has thick back,thick peduncle and nice 4 pivot tail.Nice even headgrowth with futan to complement would be plus point.Even and refine scalation makes neat and nice presentation.

IPB Image

IPB Image


IPB Image

From the side look for long slender body with smooth back.Tail carriage at approximately 45degree would be ideal.Make sure the the highest point of its tail doesn't surpass the highest point of its dorsal back.Short body gives little leeway for growth as compact body at a young age signifies poor lenghthwise growth.

OK these are my guide which time and time again I will refer and ponder over before I make my purchase.I hope the above step-by-step approach will help you select your fish through a consistent process with a clear concept that will aid you to sieve out the unwanted and zero in on the desired ones.My goals are clear cut however the truth is that there is no perfect fish .You don't need one to feel complete either.The hunting for such an elusive or illusive fish is both healthy and challenging even though more often than not such a specimen is outside the realm of reality.....

Well maybe oneday I may write a BESTSELLER here rolleyes.gif

IPB Image
Nice guide, this picture do help me as I am wondering how thick peduncle will be, now I have at least a rough idea of the thickness. Thank you.
Doc, maybe you should be publishing a book for newbies. I started to buy goldfish a year ago and at the biginning I was buying everything I thought was nice.

Now, being more selective, I don't know what to do with half of my fish which was bought at the beginning.

This is just a minor example how a book for newbies can help....

Maybe I should write my own review.Hmmmm let me think.......

"Whether you are newbies,oldies or recently goldfish poisoned,Why I Choose This Fish is a must-have guide that will transform you to exude the confidence to select a better fish for the future rather than now.Anyone who has interest can develop a keen eye to pick THAT FISH and groom it to its full potential in the months to come".

Howzat for a book review? hysterical.gif

Very nice, but in the USA you get what's offered. So selection is limited, you're considered lucky if you could find one with just a smooth back. Unfortunately, we'll never get anything that is remotely as nice as the ranchus on this forum. However very good guide, brought up points that I didn't know about. Thanks.
OK, my very own input to this thread: smoke.gif

This WAS (died years ago la.... tongue.gif ) my favourite ranchu.As mentioned earlier by Happybuddha and Goldrush, the back must be SMOOTH.The curvature exhibited by this specimen is steep and drastic; and some may prefer a gentler curve.Its a matter of preference, but whats important is the curvature be smooth wthout kinks.
The scales should be neatly arranged, smaller scales is preferred over big scales.
Note the angle between tail and peduncle; the tail must look ERECT.
IPB Image

Swimming posture:
Select one that swims HORIZONTALLY and EFFORTLESSLY, minimal body and head movements with sexy swaying of the tail.
IPB Image

Very (if not the most) important criteria - tail.
A good tail when view from the rear should not be shut, whether when stationary or while swimming.It should be opened,forming an inverted 'V',with but with the two ends folding back inwards slightly.The overall look will resemble the shape of a BELL.In short, look for the "bell shaped tail".
Without a good strong tail, it will NEVER swim effortlessly.
Notice too the balanced anal fins from the pic, but personnally I wouldn't mind one with unbalanced anal fins or single anal fin.A matter of preference again.
IPB Image

For those that find hunting for these attributes too complicated,especially those new to the hobby, just look for 2 things for a start:
1)A smooth back
2)An erect tail
These 2 attributes in my opinion forms the the most important criteria in SVR selection. wink.gif

the ultimate ranchu should be like this... imagine if this comes in color

IPB Image


After reading the above you end up RICH in your selecting ranchu knowledge but POOR in your ranchu avaliability. blush.gif

Even over here you may think we are spoiled for choice but in reality we still need the luck(be at the right place and at the right time)the human kwangxi(good relation with your supplier)and the willingness to pay for a good fish.
I like the curvature of the back to be both smooth and symetrical from front to back. Often, the slope of the back starts at a very gentle angle near the head with most of the curvature behind the mid-point towards the tail.

This is what I want, not what I have.

Another example of what constitutes a good SVR; this egg shaped specimen belonging to Pak Hermanto.

Hermanto's SVR good_very.gif
Hello HappyBuddha

thanks for your guide on this, but how about "how to select TVR?" can you help us with these please? blush.gif

Thanks again
TVR selection can be found at the pinned topic in TVR sub-forum:
Thank You CP it will be a great help for me to determine the TVR and SVR...

have a nice day..

Hi everyone,
I'm new here, I must say this is a very informative thread.
Now I know how to select a good svr.
Thanks for sharing! Cheers!!...xoxo
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