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Full Version: Tetra's Growth Food For Goldfish
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Is Tetra's Growth food for goldfish will really increase the growth of goldfish and increase its size?
The % of growth is also attributed to several factors.. such as genes, the age of the fish, water conditions. for example, a stuned goldfish wouldn't grow much more or rather .. anymore. genes .. some breeds size are just about that big. and after they pass the stage of baby, ard 1~4 mth, their growth rate will slow down, just like human (like i am growing sideway only now).
another impt factor is water condition. quite a few brothers here bring up their fish in green water, and their growth is more obvious as compared to filtered water.

If u are refering to TetraFin's Growth Food, it has a Protien of 43% as compared to TetraFin's Colour Food of 30%. i would suggest u feed a mixture of pellets and forzen blood worm. but i never try just feeding the growth food alone... so .. cannot vouch for its effectiveness.
I kinda like the Growthfood (Green Can) by TetraFin. I dun know how well it works since I rotate what I feed; I just like the fact is leaves the tank water clean.

goldfish pellets with the highest protein is Chroma; 60% min. Siao hor?
i guess its becaz its so small, that it can't disintegrate like Hikari pellets.
i am sticking to Japanese food....
JRL, Hikari (Lionhead and Wheat Germ)....
is it allright to give Hikari Spirulina intended for koi to our beloved goldfish? or is it allright to give koi pellets to goldfish? same or not har?
erm.. can ah.. but i only been using it for 2 months and not on a regular basis for my filtered tank.. so i can't be sure if theres any side effects.. except Hikari Spirulina is floating pellets
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