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Look at what I dug up, has anyone of you tried this yet? it seems that all the nutrients are substancial for a goldfish and the ash content is lower then any other food I've seen, what do you guys think?
sorry, as quite a number of the users r singaporeans, we don't have easy access to that, hikari lionhead is a good staple food for our goldfishes smile.gif
sorry, I thought you guys might have it since I was ordering from a site that ships to foreign country from canada, almost all the goldfish food I have here must be ordered my Omega One is from alaska so they don't deliver to shops one country away normally laugh.gif , at any case do you guys think shogold is good buy the ingredients and nutrition factor?
The Matrix
Asia market is too pampered by Hikari and other premium Japanese products which are highly specialised in goldfish research and food. Sometime it will be hard to see other types of food trying their luck to over take the top notch.

Anyway, importing food from such a distant country is not feasible. It is just like you buy Hikari at double Asia price.
I feel as if my wallet is emptier now cry.gif joking I use omega one along with hikari's blood worms so it's not really doubled the price for me, blood worms here are almost equal in value good_very.gif ... so what's the best food in the east? and can you get me an ingredient list and a nutritional analysis, I wonder if I should switch, because I find omega one only good if you feed fishes frozen or live worms every 2 days since it has everything that's really good for goldfishes but it's low on protein, is it the same with the stuff you guys have?
The Matrix
as long as u feed the fish and maintain them well, then any food is fine. high protein food or not, it depends on your way to keep them. A good healthy fish eats a good varieties of food will be great.

since u are in the States, I am sure the weather will affect the feeding regime. Maybe Geert and some US folks here could shed some light on the weather effect.
nah, those stuff my dad has taught me, he's from gong dong after all and he's taught me alot about fish care and the likes, my dad has been taking care of fishes before I was born more then twenty years by now shiok.gif , the only thing I don't know is the goldfishes developement in asia, and a few other things laugh.gif
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