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Full Version: Filter For Green Water
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how many bros here use filter for green water? what's the effect on the green water?

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sorry bro HB for borrowing the picture.
I stopped using "bio-green" water for quite sometime now. You can look up the thread in AF on how I played with it. The records I kept should still be around although I can't find a local copy to post here.

In a nutshell, it works well for a small tub without sufficiently strong lighting. Don't think of it as real green water. The lack of sufficient lighting makes the filtration capability inadequate; the population of algae weren't high enough. Think of it as normal bio-filtered tank with free-floating algae added and the setup makes a lot of sense. In fact, compared to a typical bio-filtered tank, bio-green is superior in that nitrate is kept very low over an extended period of time becoz there’s no ammonia for the algae to feed on and they start consuming the nitrate instead. happydance1.gif

So why did I stop? I found out increasing the lighting intensity makes bio-green obsolete and unnecessary.

Actually, come to think about it, for a small overstocked tub, I didn’t have any casualty (due to delayed water change) when I was using bio-green vs green water. biggrin.gif
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