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Full Version: Adults Of Bloodworms - Chironomids
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I woke up today to find a massive number of "mosquitoes" floating on my tank water surface today. It was such a irksome sight that I was about to spray Baygone over the water (which will result in some troublesome outcome) when I realised... some of the "mosquitoes" have actually drowned hysterical.gif

So on closer look I realised that these are not "mosquitoes" but rather "Chironomids" or sometimes known as "midges". This is the ADULT form of BLOODWORMS, which we feed our fishes. phew... these fella don't bite so no worries sweatingbullets.gif

IPB Image
(Adult Chironomids and the pupa encasements which they broke out from)

Anyway, here's some of my observations on the differences between Chironomids and Mosquitoes.

Firstly of coure we can see that their larvae are different. Chironomids larvae (bloodworm) appear blood red in colour and mosquito larvae are more to yellow/orangy. The way they wriggle also differs. Bloodworm wriggles non-stop while trying to move from one corner of tank to another whole mosquito larvae move about in a more stealth wriggle-stop-wriggle-stop manner. I also observed that I find most bloodworms hiding themselves at the bottom of tank (under my filters), while mosquitoes larvae are spotted more on the surface of water.

During the pupa stage, Chironomids pupae are in dormant (non-moving as if dead) stage. Most of the time you'll find them among the crumps of dirt under your sponge filters. The mosquito larvae on the other hands, still can move about in water when disturbed. Chironomids pupae will transform into adult stage in mere one day while mosquite might need 1-2 days. There's not much difference in their appearance except Chironomids pupae have bigger head.

At adult stage, it is pretty easy to spot the difference then. peace.gif

More info on Chironomids
interesting.. but.. does it mean you won't get fined? biggrin.gif

anyway .. for those who uses sponges to do dish washing.. what was said about crumps of dirt under your sponge filters is applicable to the dish wasing yellow/green sponge also!! but lucky you!! because most of us use detergents , so there is not much chance.. but! if you or your maid doesn't .. good luck smile.gif
It is usually found clogged in our filter whether it is mat or floss esp if bros are using OHF or other external filters.Those free swimming often dont escape the voracious appetite of our fish.Such culture are perhaps the safest for your fish compared to unknown sources and even frozen cubes since they are harboured off the same envronment as your fish.So desireless your fish may be too well fed that they are giving them a miss hmm.gif hmm.gif hmm.gif
The adults are a nuisance as they die off fairly easily after mating I suppose leaving the carcass on the surface,our light fitting and even curtain fabrics(often an area of contempt with your female minister of Home affair(be it mother or wife)
So try to rid them before they turn adults

are you refering to the same "worms" desireless was talking about? when i read your post , i have the impression you are refering to "white worms" outbreaks that spawned from the huge presence of degradable shit.
White worms are true flat worms called planaria
see thread for detail biology of species

Red bloodworms are not true worms but larvae of midges

What I was writing refer to bld worms and not white worms
Choy! Won't get cause for having live BW lah... Else the goldfish store uncles at market everyday kena fined already.

Yes, I supposed my fishes are very very well-fed. Imagine I have about 50 plus Chironomids (both dead and alive) floating on the water surface!! There are still a few live BW found in my sponge filter when I changed water just now.

Posting this because I found a lot of bros also don't know much about BW and what they will grow into.

Another discussion we had was, where do those live BW in your tank come from? I am suspecting that there are unhatched eggs sticked to the BW cubes. When we feed the fishes, the eggstring (hahah, this term looks so familiar laugh.gif) might get dislodged from the cube and goes around in your tank... and most of time it ends up in your OHF.
I normally find "mosquitos" infestation during the initial set-ups of filters (OHF).I am not sure whether these are chironmids cause I dont see any bloodworms but also not sure whether they are mosquitos cos they dont bite.

But these creatures will dissapear over time when the filters mature.
it can only mean 1 thing.

Your tank is UNCLEAN, Your fish may have PARASITES, Your filters are FILTHY.

hmm .. tats 3 things actually.
Dont think so leh, like i mentioned it happens during initial setup when everything is clean.Experienced it when I first set up my bathtub to rear fish, then experienced it again when I first set up my current tank.
The Matrix
meaning yr house is fill with high drive mosquitoes ... hahahahaha like owner like pet ..
KNN... Midges Infestation again... mad2.gif
IPB Image

I found that the Chironomid larvae like to cocoon themselves with sediments on the tank floor. So if you find these in still water, they are probably cocoons of Chironomid larvae :
IPB Image
See how they destroy my green tank floor. dry.gif

OK, send 3 baby soldier.. feast of live larvae for you and help your mummy maintain tank, since she's too well-fed to eat the live ones... mad.gif
IPB Image
Stupid fishes... mess up my algae instead... rusure.gif
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