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Full Version: Confused Newbie... Advise Needed...
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hey there, i just found out bout this website.... im new in keeping goldfish....
after reading a bit from here and there, these information confuses me....

well, i would like to know what is the best temperature to keep goldfish....

some say cold some say hot... is there anything behind???

Whats green water??? i was being ask this question when i 1st sign up... so i guess it must be important in keeping goldfish... my question is , is it important to have green water??? whats the usage... (i cant view my fishes..whats green water for??)

advise from you guys would be very much appreciated...

thank you for your help in advance...

good_very.gif good_very.gif good_very.gif good_very.gif

oh, one more question... i was told not to keep goldfish in high tanks coz they cant take the pressure... is this true??? whats the recommended height to keep gold fish... is 30 inches of depth too high for gold fish...??
too hot, and your fishy suffocates.
too cold, and your fishy goes to sleep.
U don't have to worry about temperature being too cold in malaysia.

as for green water.. the algae basically takes over the role of a biofilter with other additional pros and cons.. do read up more.. maybe this link will help

30 inches is on the deep side, but it depends which breed of goldfish you intend to keep, different breed have different requirements.. do you intend to keep them with other fishes?
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