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Full Version: Beware: TV Repair Man
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Dear All,

I was just conned by a TV repair man( name:Robbing Go_, hp. 91711_1_). find his service in ST classified. one month ago, my SONY TV was blackout, with continues clicking noise. He came did some tunning and told me he changed 2 components. I check the PCB there isn't any fresh soldering rusure.gif , but I paid him S$105 because the TV was working. Told me warrenty is 1 month.

After 1month and 4 days, the same problem happened. He told me warrenty over, transport S$20. component replacement will be charged accordingly. I told him it's the same problem, i'll pay for transport but not the component. He reply it could be other components and going to charge me again mad.gif . I F'ed :twisted: him. I'm getting a new TV set.
yes.. I have heard similar things..

I had a friend worked in a local ISP company (cannot disclose)... so installation of the cables for internet access was done by technicians. So what they do during installation is that they purposely screw the cable loosely. So internet access works for some time but some time later the internet connection will fail.

The transport $$ is not charged to subscribers. The company will pay the technicians for transport. The perks is the meal allowance and to be able to sniff fresh air outside biggrin.gif

jin ho tan ah...
How can this type of service survive?? I'm also in sales, we want our clients to recommend our products and service to their friends. better than knocking on doors.
tan jia one... boh bian...

Maybe he figure that in a person's lifetime, he will only call up for TV repair service for no more than 10 times.

So when the chance arise... he will make sure he gain the best out of it.
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