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Full Version: Ghost/glass Shrimp
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Hey everybody, I'm in need of shooting up my pom pom's size around 5-6 inch from 3 inches within a few months in time for fall in NY the second mating season of the year here, so I'm starting a ghost/glass shrimp culture, whatever you may call it, for a strong protein diet and I need to know if there are any side notes on this... Much appreciated
feeding too much too fast can have an adverse effect on the fish. I do not have any statistics to back me up, but i had destroyed a wonderful fish by adopted this strategy .. i called it FFF 'Feed fast & furious'. I hope this is not what you intend to do. laugh.gif kinda dumb whenever i think of it now.

firstly, you have a timeline of a few months.. thats not a problem really.. you got enough time. giving a good water volumn + increased feeding rate should do the trick .. ( i think biggrin.gif )

hey, document it here! post your activities & the fish's size. we once had a few posting threads where members posted size updates with measurements & pics.
well... within the 3-4 weeks he arrived he has only grew around half an inch to one inch, now I need him to reach 5 inches or better in body size, and right now he's 3 inches in body size and he's in a 29 gallon green water tank or a 110 liter tank with a female tank mate, I have to say I don't have a good 3 months for him to reach that size so he can produce enough milt for the season. Do any of you rafflesgold bros have really good tips on improving size?
too small la, u want him to grow fast, upgrade him to at least a 100 gallon tank with his lone female tank mate..
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