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Full Version: Temperature Range
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What is the maximum recommended daily temperature fluctuation? I am raising some of my goldfish in outdoor tubs this summer, and the temperature ranges from ~30 C during the day to ~18 C at night (I'm in Canada). Is this too much of a change? So far I've had three cases of dropsy, and one sudden death. The ammonia and nitrate levels are at zero, thanks to plants and greenwater, so I suspect either temperature or pH fluctuations as the cause - any suggestions?

is 30 - 18 your water temperature? or your ambient temperature?
a large water volume will aid in buffering temperature fluctuation.. also a water fountain feature will cause greater temperature fluctuation
I am using a small tub (40 gallons/150 L), so the water temp follows the air temp. Should I bring them back indoors?
The Matrix
outdoor keeping is mainly taking the benefit of the sunlight. if the place you are in does not provide sufficient light or rather a short period of several months (seasonal), then it will not give u much benefit. However, u could still keep outdoor and regulate the temperature thru heating element set to a few degree lower than the day temperature.

the tub u are using is quite small, so temperature fluctuation will be quite fast. U make the choice, indoor for stable temperature or add some feature to stablise the temperature to keep outdoor.
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