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Full Version: Poem For Those Who Believe In Green
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As I sat beside a pond of green, a poetic inspiration struck me to pen a dedication for those who believe in green water.

The pond is green,its surface gleams
It is empty of life it seems
As you approach the side
The water moves like a wave of tide
Before your very eyes
A fish or two comes in every size
Seeing you come; they’ll come to meet you
If they could they will surely greet you
As they break through the surface, they sparkle in the sun
Piling over each other having so much fun
Begging for food with their mouth so very wide
Which one to feed you can’t decide
They splash and fight, then swim away
Come back for more at the end of the day
The smaller ones seem to miss each time
But they still seem to grow just fine
One, two and three, the owner counts with pride
With feelings of joy , he could hardly hide
Months of nurture are over as he sits and reaps his gain
Patience and tolerance have overcome all pain
Manicured, pedicured
Alas all qualities procured
From growth to bigger hood
Better scales , enhanced colour, even improving their livelihood
Such is the belief of this magical green
It is Godsend they preach, with staunch faith unseen
But the gold they have produced
Will definitely leave you very much seduced……………..

The Matrix
I dun think I like to associate with the word "believe" ... rather I am just an advocate of green water goldfish keeping.


nice poem tho'
wah ... how long Goldrush did you take to pen this ? smile.gif
QUOTE(ranchu8 @ Sun, 18 Sep 2005 2:14 am)
wah ... how long Goldrush did you take to pen this ? smile.gif

Sometime in between patients,I would think of something to contribute
This one took me about 2 hours to complete.

Very much depend on.....LIN KAN(oops there goes another kan I forgotten to add)
can write more good_very.gif
Perhaps,perhaps perhaps........... loverdance.gif loverdance.gif loverdance.gif
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