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Full Version: Danger Of Water Changes
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In beggar’s clothes you are forced to don

Torn and tattered make ones frown

Frail and weak with uneven rays

You struggle to speak with most uneasy ways

A gush of water had made life empty

A torrid of air has filled your body aplenty

Katrina and Rita have make human lives miserable

Unnatural disaster has make you less desirable

Far too often we repeat this scene

Gasping and struggling like poison through ethylene

An act which I regard as totally


Today I begin my post with a poem with regards to accidental damages to our fish through an act of negligence during a water change. Water changes are mandatory in our routine practice in our maintenance regime and each one of us has his/her protocol.I’m not writing in dispute to water changes but relate some of the bizarre incidence which can result in unnecessary damages or even death of our fish.For water to be removed during a water change we resort to either using gravity fed siphoning or stand pipe release in order to execute such a procedure.Such vacuum effect create a negative suction pressure which can easily damage, injure or even cause instant death to fish in the immediate vicinity. Below are some pictures of my fish that became victims of my obscene act Most of us by sheer laziness leave the suction on without proper supervision or inserting a strainer or apply some form of protection to prevent such damages.Some of the serious injury may be irreversible(loss of an eye) or else the scar left behind provides a living legacy that may take considerable time to heal.The one with the frayed fins and poor swimming posture is a result of a stand pipe injury which was aggravated by pulling the poor thing out of the whirlpool orifice.The one which is smaller has a concentric mark left on the back of the fish by a suction hose even weeks after the trauma.
So it is with this regard that I need to address this unnecessary injuries which we need to be mindful in implementing some form of safety device during water changes
Such methods include
1)Fishing out the fish during a change
2)Isolate them in floating basket without transferring them out
3)Have a strainer inserted into hose inlet end
4)Have a safety boundary set up (net, wire mesh strainer)when stand pipe are release
5)Last but not least be vigilant and supervision is paramount if all else are not practiced.

Simple procedures like water changes may cause death and injuries through biochemical imbalances which we are far too familiar with but there is another aspect of it which is easily preventable but too shy for us to admit and that is usually due to our sheer negligence..

This one is due to a stand pipe injury in which I had to literally pull him out of the suction hole.Frayed fins,torned body and permanent paralysis are obvious disabilities which leave a constant reminder of what our act can result without mindful supervision.

IPB Image

While this one is due to a suction hose injury without a strainer.Notice the marked concentric impression left even though the accident occured some weeks ago.

IPB Image

IPB Image
I float a container during water change, so far so good.
The Matrix
always use a tall basket for fruits or watever to hold the fish if doing partial change. if doing above 80% change, catch fish out to a smaller holding tank.

dun make mistake like this. not worth it leh. heart very pain if the fish is one of the fav. cry.gif
I have a compartment which I can place my siphoning hose without the fishes coming near.
IPB Image
It is most recommended to house your fishes in a basin or something, like the rest have mentioned.

If you have no time, this is what HB avocates for pressure siphoning method.

IPB Image

If you have a flat surface, any fish swimming near the entry point will be sucked by the pressure and accidents like the above occur. To solve this problem, simply cut the entry point to a triangular shape.

IPB Image

With this shape as entry point, if a fish swims near point A, it will not be siphoned as water can still enter from point B. You may want to blunt the sharp point but it is not neccessary at all.

Try this will your hands, you will get to feel the effectiveness of this method.
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