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Full Version: Dengue Fever Hotspots
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Very informative

I see some bros houses are located at very very HOT SPOTS
With such an epidemic currently Spore is facing we need to be more civic minded to curtail this menace,As goldfish keepers we need to be extra vigilant as we deal alot with water which is a potential source of breeding for this Aedes mozzies

Some of Dos and Donts which I can think of includes:
1) Dont leave unnecessary water source for its breeding
2)Do not breed mosquito larva to feed your fries
3)All apparatus for water changes like hose,pails ,basins used and unused are to be dried and overturned.
4)Live food like tubiflex needs daily change of water to discourage breeding
5)Introduce some BMi insecticide granules into drains and drainage system in which your change of water are emptied.
6)Intermittent fogging ,spray insecticide around our tank/tub areas to ensure RALP(Rear Area Local Protection)

And finally try not donate blood to MOZZIE
or it may be your last with their first bite
My Best Dengue Thoughts

Breed in water stagnant and still
One bite from it is enough o kill
Signs of fever, rashes, bleeding are just a few
Symptoms of nausea, headache and a couple of chills
Survive you may but not without exorbitant bills
Only immunity can help and not just any atomic pills
Such is its prowess, this menace ,this insect of steel
And all we can do now is hope and pray and perhaps draft our wills…...

Yesterday I did a review on a new LFS, today I’ll do a product not directly related to goldfish keeping but perhaps indirectly which may be pertinent in the midst of the current epidemic outbreak of dengue fever here in Singapore. This product is written with the keeper’s protection in mind and it is apparent something more has to be done and written than a mere review.
Many of us here are familiar with mosquito coils and its effectiveness in warding off this pest in any given environment. When I was assisting my CO in command at the command post in my Battalion back then, I use to order the mosquito squad (Hygiene Platoon) to demolish the mosquito potential hideouts through fogging before we set out the tent. Thereafter we had mosquito coils placed at the four corners of the tent in all round defence to protect ourselves against a non-human common enemy. You can imagine its effectiveness for up to 8 hours of protection in areas like areaD,LCK and other training areas which are infested with this menacing pest. Today the mosquito coil still hold a special place in my overall defense against this insect.But what I am introducing is a mosquito coil holder which is portable, mobile and conveniently worn or attach to any part of your clothing as you go about your rounds in attending to your fishes. This holder is not cumbersome and sits nicely by your side if you strap it to your waist belt. Now I would highly recommend this gadget to be worn for those bros who tend their fish in the farms and outdoors. It has been written that the mosquito bites are generally bitten away from home and fish farms are places classified as highly infested areas .So it is better to be safe than sorry as you attend to your fish’s needs in your weekly or daily routine. However I must point out that the normal size coil does not fit the circular gadget but you need to break within the inner circle of your coil to fit the circumference of this gadget. The excess left is used as a static and short term protection in any area which I deemed appropriate. Costing a mere $2.00,this gadget is available at DAISO, the Korean store that sell everything at $2.00 at IMM building.
So get yourself protected as keepers of your fish and remember Death can be just a bite away…



IPB Image

IPB Image
a common sight when out field tongue.gif
i ever did a 10 coil all round defense, but still kena a few bites sad.gif
The Matrix
hahahaha .... doc, this is a standard SAF soldier item in the full pack. Dun go into forest without it. hahahahaha. But it is not effective if the mossie attack the legs if carrying at the back. In windy condition, forget it. Deem useless. If sweating profusely, lagi jialat.

There are several others ultilises electronics to produce frequencies that wand off those dengue carriers.

Hi tech soldiers use hi tech toys.
There are several others ultilises electronics to produce frequencies that wand off those dengue carriers.

Hi tech soldiers use hi tech toys.


Anybody has success in using such electronic gadgets?I kiasu ..put repellent plus all round defence with bun hiu and periodic insecticide spray..kekekekeekeke

IPB Image
The frequency beh zun one... I got one that attracts mosquitoes instead hysterical.gif

Use the green repellent tube provided lor. It is most effective. I also have a small bottle of skin spray to spray on exposed area when I sleep outfield at night.

Or you can catch a hungry tree lizard and tie it to your SBO biggrin.gif
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