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Received an emergency call the other day from an old friend who had a relative in need of help. not human but fish of course.So I took my bag and was on my way to see what needed to be done. What met me the other end was an eye opener not just the way the fish were kept but the pathetic state of living these people were housed.The shanty state of ill-thatched roof met my eyes and the run-down state of a pond sat at a corner ever ready to receive a drop or two of water from a dripping tap.The pond was a swamp thing with dense blanket weeds proliferating like wild fire with hardly any light passing through. The goldfish that dwelled within showed all clinical signs of all pathological diseases possibly encountered in all my years of practice.I was naturally and initially struck with anger but such ill-feelings soon made a instant retreat and quelled by what met my eyes.I was looking at a family that not only exhibit a financial strain but it was obviously broken.Yet despite such hardship and poverty, they still harbor the thought of keeping their fish alive and well though not ideally met.What struck me most was their dignities remain intact and as long as they did not have to resort to feeding their fish from table scraps, they were doing just fine.
So out came doc old to do some charitable deed..fishwise of course.My initial diagnosis of high organic content being the primary culprit of inducing such a dreadful state was confirmed by testing ,testing and many more testing.This need massive water changes but I knew a better arsenal to combat and reduce dissolved organics….what else but potassium permaganate.From my experience it is the cheapest and most effective organic reducer in the market and by far better than water changes as I can actually visually monitor the destruction of organics over time unlike water changes which needs expensive dechlor and massive dilution without ultimately eliminate the organics.What I was going to encounter was totally unprecedented.I needed some 6 doses of 4ppm KmnO4 carpet bombing to ensure that the purple stayed for 2 hours so you can imagine the amount of organic resistance I need to deal with before therapeutic level was achieved.The blanket weeds were manually removed and clearance of the impeller of an overheated pump were part of the total over haul.The sick fish were fished out and treated for their respective ailments.The filter and the media were washed and disinfected before reintroduced into their compartments.I added an airline(courtesy of old doc)with an old pump I happened to possess and left unused in my storeroom.
I had repeated visits to this place with further treatments and monitoring the pond during the filter kick-in.Today the pond sits proudly with its owner beaming with pride and joy despite not having to spend a bomb to rectify the calamity.
What I did was minimal but the lesson learned was enormous. We don’t have to be rich in order to keep fish.The story demonstrate that if we exercise contentment and know what are needed as basic necessities and what are not in order to keep fish even in hardship and extreme poverty there is no stopping anyone from keeping this passion alive .One final word if anyone in RG has to choose between keeping your family and keeping your goldfish alive please drop us a line. Medication can be very expensive if not free depending on your financial status and I know there are many good hearted people here who are ever ready to lend a helping hand………


The Matrix
not bad at all ... keep it up. That's what a good hobbyist do.
So did you teach him how to maintain it?

Give the man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish,and you feed him for life.
Oh yes cp. simply water change,water change and peroidic water change to maintain water quality.Here the proirity is to maintain the basic minimum and necessities of life.You dont expect to nurture a show winner here but you can be a sure winner in making their lives a bit more comfortable. peace.gif
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