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Full Version: Which Variety Of Goldfish Is Diffcult To Keep
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I was at QH today. This group of pearl Scale selling at $3.00 each catch my attention. I look and think about which one to pick , then I heard this 2 gentlemen discribe "ping pong" is the most difficult goldfish to keep. I quite agree with them. Of all the goldfish I kept before they are the most difficult one. The most easy one is black demekin.

I always have this thinking that PearlScale should keep in a tank while current are very very calm. Imagine you ask a very fat man (oh! like happybuddha) to run 2.4km within 10 min. That must be killing him. biggrin.gif

Nowadays! I am looking for big big "ping pong", like this one.

IPB Image
Have kept pearl scales during my primary school days, the price was around $1 for a 2 inch at that time. Can't 100% remember. I kept 2 in plastic tank. Few days after bought them home, they turn over and later float on surface of the water. I tried again after sometime, the same occured. So I think I've no luck keeping pearl scales and give up.
hmm.. i did not have such problems with pearlscales le.. in fact, its always my butterflies that die easily, not pearlies
Ah.... but it explains why you cannot easily find short-tail pearlscales that are larger then 2 inches in size on sale in LFS.

All died leow?

Pearlscales were the hardest for me too, always had trouble with them when mixed with other goldfish.

I think they should be kept alone or with sensitive fish like celestials and bubble eyes. I'd love to keep some again if I find nice crowns with long fins. I'm not into the common ones.
Never tried PS. But on the other hand I think Ryukins are the easiest.
QUOTE(dennis @ Thu 29 Jan 2004 11:35 AM)
Never tried PS. But on the other hand I think Ryukins are the easiest.

As far as I know, Ryukin are more prone to swim bladder problem compared to Ranchu. smile.gif
IMHO, I think all goldfish are quite easy to keep... it's just that maintaining good water quality is difficult... wink.gif
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