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Full Version: Where RG Is Different
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This "East vs West" discussion prompted me to list a few items whereby information / keeping methods found here in RG generally differs from many other goldfish sites.

1)Volume per fish - Yes, this is just a guide.Some website recommends 10 gallons to keep goldfish, some 10 gallons per fish, some 1 gallon per inch of goldfish,some 1 fish per square foot of tank surface area.Here in RG we preach,if possible, at least 20 gallons (80l) per fish.

2)Water change - Many websites recommend 10% to 20% weekly water change.Some advise not to change more than 25%, some say should not change more than 50% weekly so as not to 'shock' the fish.Here in RG we advocate massive water changes - 100% weekly; or at least 80% per week.MASSIVE WATER CHANGES PLEASE!!

3)Feeding - Most will say feed small amounts once or twice a day, as little as possible.'Hungry fish = healthy fish'. Here in RG we say PUMP THEM UP.Feed small amounts, no doubt, but 5 to 6 times a day.Food should be consumed within 5 minutes as a guide, so all in all the fish should be eating for 25 to 30 minutes a day.Feeding them 2 to 3 hours apart IS ACCEPTABLE!!

4)Use of salt - Some websites recommend the use of salt for 'osmotic regulation' purposes or to help keep diseases at bay.Here we advocate NO SALT PLEASE.Use them only for treatment.Prolonged use of salt will render the salt treatment in the event of disease treatment ineffective.

5)Many still recommend sand bed as filters.'Sand is a good medium for BB to thrive'.We say do away with the gravels and sand.It will create more problems.BARE TANKS PLEASE.

These are the 5 that I can think of at the moment.Feel free to add if there are some more.

Too many shadows, whispering voices
Faces on posters, too many choices
If, when, why, what?
How much have you got?
Have you got it, do you get it, if so, how often?
And which do you choose, a hard or soft option?
(how much do you need? )

In a west end town, a dead end world
The east end boys and west end girls
In a west end town, a dead end world
The east end boys and west end girls

Lyrics from West End Girls(petshop boys)

You may have in hand the best of both worlds you may think
One must exercise caution before any info begin to sink
Worlds apart, miles away there are just too many variables
Leave much for an individual to come with something favorable
Allow sometime to learn ,to digest before you make a plunge
Save time,save effort before disaster makes its impending lunge……… yes.gif
another difference I have noted is filtration.

people in 'the west' advocating several eheim pros on a 10 gallon tank hysterical.gif
people in 'the east' just using simple sponge filters.

obviously this depends on the individuals husbandry mad.gif
Also the show level , appreciation of your fish , and why you keep goldfish.

somepeople find it ok to keep mutts , fish with one eye, half a tail ok.
somepeople keep very seriously ( cp ) to ensure thier growth rate is max.

(although my wife suggested and rightly sooo...this is surely akin to force feeding geese aka frois grais? )

I envy craig smith sooo much for what he has done for ranchu in the uk.........
but believe me it is not easy to get/rear/keep any quality goldfish in the uk.
Oh by the way the frois grois reference was my wifes point of view not mine!!!
I believe it's called foie gras yes.gif
hey I am 33 years old next month, and that is probably the first time I have written foie gras......please forgive my spelling mistake.

blush.gif blush.gif blush.gif
Judging from the pictures posted on this site, the RG method of raising goldfish results in some pretty impressive fish. But, I can't imagine what my wife would say if i wanted to keep 90 gallons of green water in my living room.

I think the ideal solution for raising fat happy healthy goldfish would be to blend the concepts of both eastern and western styles of raising goldfish into a system that works where ever a person lives.
Jack Ng
Hi CP,

A good guide for beginner like myself.


Hi Jack,

Here is a more comprehensive guide:
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