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Full Version: Questions On Goldfish,food,heater,tank,etc
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H!.Im hoping somebody can answer my questions since this forum is active compared to others I chance upon.I would like to apologise first cuz whatever im going to write will get very lenghty.

Ive been keeping goldfish for few mths already and all died few days after every time i change the water...without failed.So my goldfishes nv last more than 2mths everytime.I suspect its because of the tank cycling process thingy...cuz i really clean everything from the filter,decorations n everything that's in the tank once a mth so its back to square one for the cyling process..?The last batch suffered from fungus in crystal clear water that i jus changed a day ago n the medicines i have can nv really do anything to save them.Maybe someone know any gd brands i can get here in singapore? cry.gif

Can somebody pls enlighten me.Once a month we do need to change n clean everything rite?So do we actually remove all the water or just half of it so the good bacteria still stays?Previously i rarely do weekly 20% water changes unless the water really dirty.At the moment i used bio grass under the sponge filter2keep the good bacteria.Will that do them more harm than good?If our goldfish got struck by diseases like fungus, i throw everything out including the bio grass?Cuz i jus did.N i really wonder if they need heater to maintain the water temperature...? dntknw.gif:

Something still bug me bout their death..I need to know if Hikari Goldfish Gold pellets is one of the reason.I noticed few weeks before my goldfish died one by one they did not really eat the newly bought hikari pellets that i gave them but they were stil eating the nutrafin spirulina flakes.I jus bought 1 oranda n 1ranchu.the ranchu ate abit while the oranda didnt even go near the pellets.I removed most of the pellets n when I move away from the tank,i saw the oranda,ate jus one or two pellets.Isit because of new environment that's why they stil stress n do not want to eat?compared to my other newly purchased goldfish last time,they gobble everything i gave except the hikari pellets.should i change to other brand?Any recommendations?By the way,does ranchu have natural red stripes on their tails or did i jus bought a diseased ranchu??!! beg2.gif

Hopefully by the end of nxt mth im able to purchase a bigger tank n new filter to housed more goldfishes..Initially i wanted to buy those big external filter so i can use it for both of my tank(the other tank consists of climbing-perch fishes) but i deceided against it n prefer if someone could recommend some brand n what kind of filter is the best2buy.Isit true that Qianhu fish farm sell fish tanks,filters,etc at affordable price?By the way,does the success rate of being alive for a healthy looking $1 oranda is lower compared to a $6 oranda?

Lastly,I would like to know if i did the right thing>>>
For every new goldfish i bought,i soak them for half hour to an hour in oxy cure salt before i put the new ones with the other fish.should i have quarantine them for few days?with or without filter?
Thanks u so much for taking the time to read....hope there's alot of kind souls out there willing to answer my questions.til then... yes.gif
Sigh.....I donno where to begin.

The answers can be found all over the forum, these are common begineer's questions.I suggest you temporary stop the purchase of goldfishes and read up on the net or browse thru the old topics.Use the search function to look for the info that you need; for eg what is tank cycling.

I will be writing up a begineer's FAQ in due course.

Thread is closed.
Beginner's FAQ is done up.You should be able to find your answers here:
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