Do we always need a heater in the tank to keep our goldfish warm? When should heater be used for Goldfish? Can the heater be used to lower water temperature instead? what is the optimum temperature to set? how do i know a heater is damaged?

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An aquarium heater is a device used for raising the water temperature. It does NOT do the opposite.

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Heater is only used when treating the goldfish for diseases, eg to accelerate the cycle of ich when treating white spots.Other than that it is not necessary.You can keep them in air-conditioned room even, no problems.

What should i look out for when i use a heater?
  • Aeration
It is advisible to increase the water aeration prior to turning on the water heater. This would increase the amount of DO in the water, as subsequently when the water temperature raises, the DO would drop. The purpose is to cause less stress to the sick fish.

Dissolved Oxygen vs water temperature
When you have max aeration already the amount of DO in the water is temperature dependant.So suppose if you have max aeration at 24C, if you maintain the same aeration but increase the temperature the DO level will drop.
In other words, if you have moderate aeration at 24C but DO is already saturated, you will not increase the DO by increasing the aeration.I hope you get what I mean by "saturated DO, then its tempearture dependant."
  • Temperature fluctuation
The water heater should gradually increase the current water temperature. The heater would continously maintain the pre-set temperature once the water reaches its desireless temperature. There would be fluctuation if you
1) place it too near air pump/water outlet/air stone
2) it is a faulty heater
What would happen is the sensor in the heater would detect a lower water temperature, and go into a mode of on and off frequently, and raise the water temperature unevenly.
  • Damaged Heater
Its not worth it! If its damaged, throw it away! You should always replace when heater has loose parts, or you risk electrocution through water source.
- shake it ... not too fast though. You should hear it orgasm. NO! you should hear nothing! loose parts are a risk.
- the "ON" indicator doesn't light up. You can run quick test whenever you introduced a heater into the tank. Do so by placing your palm near the heater, you should sense the heat from the heater.
- Damaged sensor. Well .... the temperature may keep rising!!
  • Wattage
Getting the correct heater wattage is also important. If you use a small heater for your 6ft tank, its not going to work!! The wattage range from 50 Watt to 300 Watt.

How should I use heater?
- Preferably, it should be placed in location where there is less water circulation.
- never turn on outside water
- never remove from water when heater is just turned off, or warm.
- Clean it! It would already be coated with slim and medication. Remove the heater from the water when it is no longer warm. rinse under cool tape water and scrub clean.

Sample photo of a water heater
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