Good evening folks

As I sip my favourite tea in front of my lap top,I think of my days some 25 years ago when I embarked upon my first goldfish keeping---------Boy it sure feel like a millennium has passed.

In this present age of multimedia era, with access at our finger tips,information and knowledge related to goldfish keeping continue to stream down from the cyberspace at extreme cyberspeed creating a new renaissance in the way we keep our fish.

Gone are the days when we spend our time just staring aimlessly day in and out at our fish in health and in sickness. Rejoice or in sadness we have only ourselves to confide with.With the advent of the internet,we become cyber friendly.There is simply no limit to the way we can express our passion and share around not just with some one we know but even someone we may never get to know.This new dimension has allowed us to tackle new challenges and difficult situation at remarkable speed and efficiency.

In the past ,goldfish keeping is primary a lonely indulgence with a few commited hobbyists as peers and even so a laborious hobby.More often than not we are not able to share with our peers due to geographical and time constraints

With the dawn of the internet,a new form of communication has surfaced allowing peers like us to join forum (like RG) which we can share our common interest.Such board has allowed us to disseminate information and exchanges at an instance without being physically present!Friends are made without even shaking hands so too are enemies being confronted without crossing swords at all.

However every good thing come with a price.Not just monetary in every sense(or cents).
There is always the dark side that lurks in stealth under the cover of forum which we have to be vigilant in preserving the integrity of a peaceful and informative forum.
In any enterprise we can never eliminate individual from capitalizing on the internet for their selfish gains and this forum is no different.It was founder’s impeccable vision for not allowing commercial interest to invade this forum that has allowed RG to come this far.

However,when I look back and ponder over the good ,the bad and the ugly sides of our forum,I believe the internet as a whole has been resoundingly good for our goldfish community as well as for the hobbyists as a whole.
Today there is a new meaning when one mentions: There is goldfish in the net.
Not like in the past………………….