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Thai Black Ranchu

about 6 inches long to the tip of the tail

Comments will be appreciated & need your honest & calculated opinion on how much would you pay for this ranchu smile.gif
I'll tell the price later after enough replies biggrin.gif

Thx mate

Pictures (all of them is the same fish) sorry, lousy phone camera :

IPB Image
Tail is too big for my liking.The shades of gold near the belly is another minus point; and for these Thai black ranchus, usually the headgrowth would have fully covered the eyes at this stage.Nonetheless, it is far superior compared to those blackies that you have in the background.

I do not know how much goldfish costs in Australia, must be pretty expensive since collectors and LFS are very rare.Here in Singapore you can get one of a similiar quality for about $50.
Thx for the reply, CP.

You're right about the collectors and LFS in Australia, especially in Perth. There are alot of LPS, but not LFS, and there's only one LFS that sell the fancier kind like black ranchu & blue butterfly dragon-eye of respectable quality. Sometimes I feel a bit jealous of u guys there living in Singapore.

Thx again for the reply yes.gif

Any more comments?
The Matrix
whole tank of black ... interesting. tail poor, body ok. average fish.

price hmmm.... r u a business entity ? 6" fish can be quite ex already. A$180 ?
No I'm not a business entity laugh.gif I just want to know how bros rate this fish, before I make the purchase smile.gif
I see a lot of goldfish like this in Rainbow, a LFS... its prob ard S$20 - max S$50

Maybe u shld make a trip to SG ... or better, I recommend Bangkok.. Chatuchak market has a lot of Great looking fishes... hehehehehe ;)
Hehe even though I go to SG or Bangkok, bringing the fish back is gonna be a pain in the butt rolleyes.gif
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